List of cats

This is a list of specific natural cats. For fictional cats refer to "List of fictional cats".

Cats famous in their own right

  • All Ball, the first cat of Koko the gorilla.
  • Amber, one of two cats in the title role of the movie The Cat from Outer Space.
  • Andy, cat owned by Florida State Senator Ken Meyer that has the cat record for non-fatal fall. Andy fell 200 feet (60 m) and survived.
  • Ariel, the "Orange Persian" pet of author Carl Van Vechten, title character in the book The Tiger in the House.
  • Arnold Shortzenlegger, the Munchkin cat sold for $15,000, owned by Terri Harris of Munchkinlane Cattery.
  • Baby Worlds oldest Cat Born in 1970 died March 30, 2008
  • Billy Hayes, New Zealand top show cat and Famous TV Ads Cat featured in Jelly Meat 2002,2003.
  • Binky, the cat that inspired Susan Becker's book Pulling A Jack Move On My Cat #6.
  • Blackberry, the first munchkin cat.
  • Blackie, a cat that inherited 15 million British Pounds and thus became the richest cat in history.
  • Boche, cat found by the family of Anne Frank in the attic in which they lived.
  • Bonkers, the cat from television's All My Children.
  • Boots, the smallest known cat in the world.
  • Bouhaki, a cat long alleged to be the first cat known to have a name.
  • Brownie, a housecat that inherited $415,000.00 when its owner Dr. William Grier died.
  • Burbank, Danny Glover's pet cat from Lethal Weapon.
  • Catarina, Edgar Allan Poe's pet cat and the inspiration for his story The Black Cat.
  • Chessie, the mascot of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, and later the Chessie System, whose slogan was "sleep like a kitten."
  • Childebrand, from Theophile Gautier's book La Menagerie Intime.
  • Cleopatra, tawny-black cat from Gautier's La Menagerie Intime.
  • CopyCat (CC), the first cloned cat.
  • Dagwood, Ping pong playing cat in newsreal clip of 4.24 episode of MASH.
  • Dalton the Wonder Cat, author of My Litter Box Was Dirty..., television host.
  • Dewey (cat), the highly gregarious long-haired orange tabby cat of the Spencer Public Library (Spencer, Iowa); aka "Dewey Readmore Books" (c. November 18, 1987-November 29, 2006, age 19) [library mascot January 18, 1988-November 29, 2006].
  • Dick Marino, MTM's diminutive version of the MGM lion.
  • "Don Piano", an unidentified long-haired house cat so-nicknamed by internet fans that have viewed a video clip on the website YouTube of the cat's appearance on ABC's America's Funniest Videos. The clip, multiple versions of which have been viewed on YouTube and other sites such as Google Video a total of over 1,000,000 times, depicts the cat making vocal sounds that are interpreted by subtitles to be a song or a poem, thought to be entitled "Oh Long Johnson".
  • Don Pierrot de Navarre, father and pen-stealer from Gautier's La Menagerie Intime.
  • Emily American cat who, after being lost, was found to have gone to France.
  • Enjoras, black kitten of white parents from Gautier's Le Menagerie Intime.
  • Eponine - cat with table manners like "one would like to see in many children" from Gautier's Le Menagerie Intime.
  • Faith, London cat that took up residence in St Faith & St Augustine's church (by St Paul's cathedral) in wartime, and received a PDSA Silver Medal for her bravery in caring for her kitten when the church was bombed.
  • Feathers, Carl van Vechten's cat, the subject of the dedication to and the inspiration for the book The Tiger in the House.
  • Foss - Inspiration of the cat from "The Owl & the Pussycat" and of several of owner Edward Lear, who survived the cat by only two months.
  • Fred the Undercover Kitty, a cat famous for assisting the NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney's Office in 2006.
  • Gavroche, from Gautier's Le Menagerie Intime.
  • Geoffrey, the cat of schizophrenic English poet Christopher "Kit" Smart, celebrated in the For I Will Consider my Cat Geoffrey section of the poem Jubilate Agno (written 1758-1763).
  • Grampa, oldest domestic cat ever recorded, born in Austin, Texas, in 1964, died in 1998.
  • Hamlet, considered by Guinness to be "the world's most travelled cat." He flew approximately 600,000 kilometers because he managed to get stuck in a Canadian airplane for seven weeks.
  • Hamlet, long-time mascot of the Algonquin Hotel and title character of the book Algonquin Cat.
  • Harry, Cat who replaced Lucky in the role of Morris the cat.
  • Hellcat, like Brownie, a cat of Dr. William Grier left $415,000.00 in the doctor's estate.
  • Henrietta, the now-deceased cat of New York Times foreign correspondent Christopher S. Wren, made famous by the book The Cat Who Covered the World (ISBN 0-684-87100-9 in one printing).
  • Himmy, a neutered tabby who weighed 46 pounds, recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Hodge, Dr. Samuel Johnson's favourite cat, famously recorded in James Boswell's Life of Johnson, as shedding light on his owner's character.
  • Humphrey, a cat who took up residence at 10 Downing Street in during John Major's tenure as Prime Minister, and was banished when Tony Blair came to power - named for the character of "Sir Humphrey Appleby" in Yes Minister.
  • Inga, member of the crew at Mt. Washington Observatory in New Hampshire until 1993, subject of magazine articles.
  • Jess, the black and white cat belonging to Postman Pat
  • Jones/Jonesy, the name of Ripley's cat from the Alien and Aliens movies.
  • Kallibunker, with his mother Serena, one of the two founders of the Cornish Rex breed.
  • Karoun, whom Jean Cocteau dedicated Drôle de Ménage to and described as "the king of cats".
  • Kaspar, wooden cat used at the Savoy Hotel in London to round out unlucky parties of thirteen.
  • Kiki-la-Doucette, Angora cat of Colette, fictionalized in Sept Dialogues de Bêtes.
  • Kinlee, founding father of the Devon Rex breed.
  • Lewis, a cat who became infamous after being placed under house arrest.
  • Lily, Dr. Johnson's second favourite cat, after Hodge (q.v.)
  • Little Nicky, first cloned animal for commercial reasons.
  • Little Tyke, subject of Georges H. Westbrau's book Little Tyke: The True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lioness.
  • Macavity, busdrivers' nickname of a British cat, white with different-coloured eyes, known for regularly catching the local bus by himself.
  • Madame Théophile, cat of Gautier who liked to steal food off his fork.
  • Midnight A cat belonging to Bernice and Roy Rodgers. He saved the life of their daughter, Stacey, by crying into her baby monitor when she had a viral infection in her lungs, and was thus unable to cry in pain. This disproves the "Cat-Infant Rivalry" and "Breath Sucking" feline superstitions.
  • Moortje, cat of Anne Frank's family who was left with neighbors when they fled the attic.
  • Mrs. Chippy, cat on Ernest Shackleton expedition
  • Morris the Cat, one of Burt Reynolds' most beloved movie Co-stars, this finicky Commercial Mascot charmed his way into America's hearts with his calm demeanor and orange-striped style.
  • Morris II, successor of Morris, ran for president in 1988.
  • Mouschi, Pet of friends of Anne Frank's family, came to live with them in the attic.
  • Mrs. Poodles, first ever Siamese cat shown at an English cat show, in 1871.
  • Munchkinlane's Maggie Mae - munchkin cat who has appeared in several United States national media.
  • Nedjem, now regarded as the "first cat known to have had a name."
  • Nin, cat who replaced at Mount Washington Observatory, named for Anaïs Nin or short for "nincompoop".
  • Norton the cat, subject of three nonfiction books by author Peter Gethers.
  • Nuts, cat who was documented to follow multistep directions and spontaneously engage in multistep tasks.
  • Orangey cat featured in Breakfast at Tiffany's and other movies
  • Oscar the hospice cat, written up in the New England Journal of Medicine for his uncanny ability to predict which patients will die by curling up to sleep with them hours before their death. To date he has been right 25 times.
  • Pangur Bán, the cat who inspired an otherwise unknown 8th (or 9th) century Irish monk to write a poem cataloguing their similarities.
  • Panther the Cat, cat known from the show Early Edition.
  • Patsy, cat photographed with Charles Lindbergh in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis just prior to Lindbergh's transatlantic flight.
  • Peake, Chessie's mate, the character is based upon an actual railroad stray.
  • Peter, the Lord's cat, the only animal to have an obituary in Wisden Cricketers' Almanack.
  • Petronius the Arbiter, a. k. a. "Pete", the cat in Robert Heinlein's "The Door Into Summer".
  • Piewacket, the cat in the movie "Bell, Book, and Candle".
  • Poppa, 2nd heaviest cat ever, weighed in at 44.5 pounds at eleven years of age.
  • Port Phillip Cat, a large cat that inhabits the waters of the Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne, Australia) and whose favourite food is a Lemon Chicken Parma.
  • Punky - Fat cat that likes to sit around belonging to Chuck and Carol
  • Puss, cat that held the record for longest life, 36 years, until the lack of documentation caused the title to pass to Ma.
  • Rama, a siamese cat owned by students at Duke University, was actually at one point a PhD candidate in philosophy.
  • Red, a cat who recently became a millionaire.
  • Room 8, an ageless tomcat who would disappear during the summer and return at the start of the school year in September, to an elementary school near Elysian Park in Los Angeles, for years, to the room of the school he was named for. (Ref. Los Angeles Times)
  • Rumpler with Amber above, one of the two cats, with Amber, who played the title role in The Cat from Outer Space,
  • Rutterkin, black cat alleged to help its owner Joan Flower magically kills the sons and render the wife of the Earl of Rutland infertile in the 1600s.
  • Scarlett the cat who in 1996 saved her kittens one by one from a fire in Brooklyn NY, suffering horrible burns in the process. Named Scarlett by the fireman who rescued her. She became a famous example of the power of a Mother's love.
  • Seraphita, pure white cat who loved perfume, mother of three of Gautier's cats with Don Pierrot.
  • SH III, Chinchilla Persian cat who appeared in Fancy Feast advertisements and the movies The Jerk and Scrooged.
  • Simon, celebrated ship's cat of HMS 'Amethyst', the only cat to have won the PDSA's Dickin Medal, for his rat-catching and morale-boosting activities during the Yangtse Incident in 1949.
  • Sinh, founding father of the Birman breed. Legend says he was the pet of the High Priest Mun-Ha, and absorbed his soul when Mun-Ha was killed.
  • Sir Isaac Newton's cat, whose incessant desire to be let in or out allegedly drove him to devise the cat flap.
  • Smokey, wild bobcat trapped and given to Calvin Coolidge as a gift.
  • Sneaky Pie Brown, co-author of Mrs. Murphy mystery series with Rita Mae Brown.
  • Snowball, the polydactyl cat of Ernest Hemingway.
  • Snowy, who replaced Arthur in the advertisements and learned the same trick.
  • Spot, Data's cat in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Sugar, a cat who followed his human family 1,500 miles after they left him behind when they moved.
  • A cat who wandered on stage during the premiere of Rossini's The Barber of Seville, sending the audience into gales of laughter.
  • Tama, a calico cat who is the station master at Kinokawa railway station, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
  • Tarawood Antigone, a brown Burmese who holds the record for most kittens in one litter with nineteen.
  • Tibbles, singlehandedly wiped out the Stephens Island Wren.
  • T.K., the feline companion of Tondayelo, an orangutan in a Florida zoo.
  • Tiger, a long-haired Persian mixed breed who once held the record for heaviest cat at 43 pounds.
  • Tiki, cat who appeared in the movie Homeward Bound and the television series Caroline in the City.
  • Tinker Toy, a male blue point Himalayan who held the record through at least 1997 as smallest domestic cat known, at 2.75 inches tall and 7.5 long.
  • Tom, the cat from the show "Tom and Jerry"
  • Tommy, the cat the family of Anne Frank found when they moved into the attic in 1942.
  • Tonto, who played one of the title characters in the movie Harry & Tonto.
  • Toonces, a fictional sketch character from the NBC television series Saturday Night Live.
  • Towser, cat that held the record for most mice killed (over 28,000) through at least 1997.
  • Trim, was the first cat to circumnavigate Australia. Belonged to Matthew Flinders.
  • Tullia, cat appeared in the 1969 movie Eye of the Cat.
  • Tyler, played Kitty Kitty, the cat in the movie The War of the Roses.
  • The Unsinkable Sam, the most famous mascot of the British Royal Navy, was in turn the ship's cat of the , , and and survived the torpedoeing of all three ships before being retired to a home on dry land.
  • Whitey, played Eve's cat in the movie Stage Door.
  • Willow, first pet on the television program Blue Peter to be \"fixed.\"
  • Wimauma Masterpiece of Chalsu blue Persian male selected as Cats Magazine's first \"Cat of the Year\".
  • Winnie awakens a New Castle, Indiana family April 2007 at 1 a.m. after detecting carbon monoxide in their home, saving the family's lives.
  • Wollebeer, cat on the island of tenerife locally famous for his lack of ears and size
  • Yoshi Mumbles belonging to Ashley Philip of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Zizi, Angora cat of Theophile Gautier who enjoyed walking along the keys of a piano.

Pets of famous people

Famous pets of United States Presidents and their families

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Famous pets of other famous people


Thought experiment cats

Wild cats

  • Ba-tou, African wildcat and pet of Colette, from La Maison de Claudine.
  • Bruce Biteabit, an ocelot belonging to the character of Honey West (played by Anne Francis) on TV.
  • the Champawat Tigress, a tiger which killed 439 people before being killed by famed hunter Jim Corbett.
  • Chauncey, the cougar, (1964-1975), winner of the 1969 PATSY Award for his television commercial for Ford Motor Company.
  • Chiquita, Josephine Baker's pet cheetah.
  • Clarence the cross-eyed lion', from the Daktari television series.
  • The Darkness, one of the two Tsavo maneaters that killed over 100 bridge builders in Kenya in 1898.
  • Dreyfus, advertising mascot of Dreyfus Financial Services.
  • Elsa the lioness, lion hand raised by Joy Adamson and featured in Born Free as well as her other books.
  • The Ghost, one of the Tsavo maneaters that killed over 100 bridge builders in Kenya in 1898.
  • Heller, cougar who won the 1977 PATSY award for work on the Shazam! (TV series) television show.
  • Hubert, the Harris Lion, advertising mascot of Harris Bank.
  • Italia, Benito Mussolini's pet lioness.
  • Kamunyak, Kenyan lioness who adopts oryx calves.
  • Jackie, the second lion used as MGM's Leo the lion.
  • Nissa, the leopard playing "Baby" in Bringing Up Baby.
  • Neil, the lion who won the 1984 PATSY award for his film and television work.
  • The Panar Leopard, killed 400 people before being shot by Jim Corbett.
  • Penny, the spotted leopard from Joy Adamson book The Spotted Sphinx.
  • Pippa, the cheetah from Joy Adamson's book Pippa the Cheetah and Her Cubs.
  • Raunchy, jaguar that won the 1964 PATSY award.
  • Rocky, bobcat that played the Mercury bobcat for a time.
  • Slats, first lion to play Leo the Lion the MGM Pictures trademark/mascot.
  • Smokey/Smoky, bobcat belonging to Calvin Coolidge; trapped wild in Tennessee and given to him as a gift.
  • Tanner, the third lion used as MGM's Leo the Lion, appeared in all the Technicolor pictures. (Note: two other unnamed lions have taken on the role later).
  • The Thak Tigress, man-eating tiger killed by Jim Corbett.

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