coatimundi or coati, omnivore of North and South America related to the raccoon. The coatimundi has a long snout, an elongated body, and a long bushy tail banded with dark rings. The coat color varies from yellowish brown or reddish brown to black. The males are significantly larger than the females and may be more than 50 in. (127 cm) long and may weigh up to 25 lb (11 kg). Active both day and night, the coati is a forest dweller and an agile tree climber. It eats lizards, birds, and fruit and uses its long mobile snout to grub for insects and roots. On the ground, its short forelegs give it a bearlike gait as it lumbers along with its tail erect. Females and their young travel in bands, but males are solitary (known as "coatimundis") and join the band only in the mating season. The young, typically four to six in number, are born following a gestation period of about seventy-seven days. The species Nasua narica is native to SW United States. N. nasua, the ring-tailed coatimundi, is a related species that ranges from Mexico to Peru. Coatis are often raised as pets in Mexico. They are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Mammalia, order Carnivora, family Procyonidae.
or coatimundi

Coati (Nasua nasua)

Any of three species (genus Nasua, family Procyonidae) of raccoonlike omnivores, found in wooded regions from the southwestern U.S. through South America. The coati has a long, flexible snout and a slender, darkly banded tail that it often carries erect. The male measures 29–54 in. (73–136 cm) in length (half of which is tail) and weighs 10–24 lbs (4.5–11 kg). Females and young commonly live in bands of five to 40; males are solitary, joining bands only during mating season. Coatis feed by day on seeds, fruits, eggs, and small animals.

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Coatimundi may refer to:

  • Coati Mundi, a Kid Creole & the Coconuts member
  • Coati, a mammal in the raccoon family, particularly a solitary male

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