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Ripplewood Holdings

Ripplewood is an American private equity firm based in New York, New York that manages more than $10 billion in capital. Ripplewood was founded by its current CEO, Tim Collins. The company's main interests range from telecommunications to banking to entertainment.

In Japan, Ripplewood is known for its acquisition of Seagia in Miyazaki, Japan, the successful turn-around and IPO of Shinsei Bank and the acquisition and quick turn-around sale of Japan Telecom. Aside from its Shinsei Bank success, the firm's other investments in Japan are considered to require longer-than-expected holding time.

It has recently purchased the Power systems division from Alcatel and has renamed it SAFT Power Systems. It is the holder of widely-recognised brands of industrial products such as Harmer+Simmons, AEG SVS, SAFT, etc. In November, 2006, Ripplewood led a private-equity consortium (a "club deal") in the $2.4 billion leveraged buyout of Reader's Digest.

The company is currently active in European markets as well, where it owns (amongst others) HONSEL INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES S.A.

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