Staff Cloud is a term used to describe a massively distributed model of work production & staffing available within the cloud computing paradigm. In the Staff Cloud paradigm, work that is traditionally dependent on local offices, local talent pools & local networks is shifted or extended to be accessible & deliverable via the internet. Work production migrates to areas where better talent can deliver better results at lower cost.

StaffCloud applications utilize massive peer-to-peer clusters of superior talent that deliver work through data centers & powerful servers that host web applications and web services. They can be accessed by any organization with a suitable internet connection and a standard browser. In the ‘Staff’ paradigm, an organization comprised of full & part time staff. In the ‘Staff Cloud’ paradigm an organization comprises fewer local staff & a mix of work services (payroll, hr, marketing, sales, accounting, R & D) from the available ‘Staff Cloud’.


The architecture behind a StaffCloud is a network of 'staff service providers' interconnected as if in a grid (grid computing) running in parallel. Work production follows a Server Oriented Architecture (SOA) where the organization pays only incrementally for work provided rather than incurring the costs & risks associated with salaried production. Parallelization across time-zones allows for massive increases of work production while decreasing costs.


Staff Cloud services are often provided using cloud computing applications and are designed to mimic the experience of local talent resources.


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