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Present Day Memories

Present Day Memories is an EP by the Chicago, Illinois punk rock band The Lawrence Arms and the San Francisco, California ska band The Chinkees, released in 2001 by Asian Man Records. It is considered a "split" CD in that each band contributes several songs. It is now out of print, however all of the Lawrence Arms tracks have been reissued on their b-sides album Cocktails & Dreams.

Track listing

  1. "Quincentuple Your Money"
  2. "100 Resolutions"
  3. "There's No Place Like a Stranger's Floor"
  4. "Hey, What Time is 'Pensacola: Wings of Gold' on Anyway?"
  5. "Clouding Up My Storm"
  6. "1980s Drowning Me"
  7. "Heart + Me"
  8. "Run for Help"
  9. "Present Day Memories"
  10. Tracks 1-4 performed by The Lawrence Arms
  11. Tracks 5-9 performed by The Chinkees


The Lawrence Arms

The Chinkees

  • Mike Park - vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Greg Alesandro - guitar, drums, backing vocals
  • Jason Thinh - guitar
  • Miya Zane Osaki - bass, backing vocals
  • Steve Choi - keyboards

Album information

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