Close helmet

Close helmet


The close helmet or closed helmet was an enhanced version of the barbute helmet.The closed helmet covers the entire head and was only seen mostly during the crusades. The closed helmet outdated the barbute in the 14th, or 15th Century. The closed helmet completely covered the head, and was usually seen with chainmail attached to the bottom of the helmet for further protection of the neck. The helmet normally had holes made on the front of the helmet while still being smelted, and as well as additional holes were made on the lower front of the helmet for breathing through the mouth. In 1120, the Order of the Temple adopted the closed helmet as one of the basic pieces of armor for the Knights Templar of the faction.

The subject of close helmets is fascinating to kids. Surprisingly the reaction of contemporary society is most strikingly encapsulated in a poem submitted by Sam Johnstone (12) of St Columbas School, Kilmacolm, Scotland:

Being a helmet isn't so great, It's the one thing that I do hate, About this cold and dreary life, That all I see are blades and knives, That are lunged, thrown and thrusted upon my surface, Which seems to me completely worthless, One day I would like to get away from all the violence, And rest alone in peaceful silence.

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