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Girl Talk (books)

Girl Talk, is series of books by L.E. Blair (K.A. Applegate) for teenage girls, telling school adventures of four American teenagers enrolled at a junior high school; Sabrina, Allison, Randy and Katie in the mid to late 1980s. This series takes place in the small town of Acorn Falls, Minnesota.

These books were published in the 1990s. The series was less than successful and lasted 45 books.


Randy Zak is from New York, has spiked black hair, and a New York Look. She is originally from New York, but moved to Acorn Falls with her divorced mother Olivia, who grew up there. She is an only child.

Allison Cloud is a native American Indian, who does well in school. She lives with her parents, grandparents, seven-year-old brother, Charlie, and baby sister, Barrett Elizabeth. Her favorite subject in school is English, and Mrs. Staats is her favorite teacher.

Sabrina Wells has curly red hair, and loves fashion and magazines. She is the youngest of five, and the only girl. She lives with her parents and her brothers, Luke (who is in high school), Mark (who is in eighth grade) and Sam (her twin who is four minutes older than she is and teases her about it). Her oldest brother, Matthew, is away at college. The Wells' have a cocker spaniel named Cinnamon.

Katie Campbell has honey-blonde hair, excels in school, figure skates and plays ice hockey. She has a sixteen-year-old sister named Emily, whom she calls "Miss Perfect." Her father, who played semi-pro hockey, died when she was ten. Her mother remarries a French Canadian somewhere around book 16, and she gains a step-brother named Michel, who is her age, and whom Sabrina likes.

Stacy is the spoiled daughter of the school principal, and Sabrina's rival. Stacy has long blond hair. Her best friends are Eva, Laurel, and B.Z. Latimer.

List of books


  • 1. Welcome To Junior High
  • 2. Face-Off!
  • 3. The New You
  • 4. Rebel, Rebel
  • 5. It's All In The Stars
  • 6. The Ghost Of Eagle Mountain
  • 7. Odd Couple
  • 8. Stealing The Show
  • 9. Peer Pressure
  • 10. Falling In Like
  • 11. Mixed Feelings
  • 12. Drummer Girl
  • 13. The Winning Team
  • 14. Earth Alert!
  • 15. On The Air
  • 16. Here Comes The Bride
  • 17. Star Quality
  • 18. Keeping The Beat
  • 19. Family Affair
  • 20. Rockin' Class Trip
  • 21. Baby Talk
  • 22. Problem Dad
  • 23. House Party
  • 24. Cousins
  • 25. Horse Fever
  • 26. Beauty Queens
  • 27. Perfect Match
  • 28. Center Stage
  • 29. Family Rules
  • 30. The Bookshop Mystery
  • 31. It's A Scream!
  • 32. Katie's Close Call
  • 33. Randy and the Perfect Boy
  • 34. Allison, Shape Up!
  • 35. Katie and Sabrina's Big Competition
  • 36. Sabrina and the Calf-Raising Disaster
  • 37. Randy's Big Dream
  • 38. Allison To The Rescue
  • 39. Katie and the Impossible Cousins
  • 40. Sabrina Wins Big!
  • 41. Randy and the Great Canoe Race
  • 42. Allison's Baby-Sitting Adventure
  • 43. Katie's Beverly Hills Friend
  • 44. Randy's Big Chance
  • 45. Sabrina and Too Many Boys

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