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Cleitus, is the English form of the personal name Kleitos (Greek Κλείτος, which may in turn derive from Greek kleos glory). It has been adopted as an English personal name in modern times mainly in the U.S., and usually with a modern spelling Claitus. Classical scholarship uses the traditional spelling.

It may refer to:

  • Cleitus (c. 375-328 BC), a Macedonian officer and friend of Alexander the Great. In an argument with Alexander, Cleitus compared Alexander to a Persian king, rather than a Greek king, which caused Alexander to run a spear through Cleitus and murder him. Alexander regretted this soon after Cleitus fell dead to the floor (Plutarch, Life of Alexander). This Cleitus is often referred to as "Cleitus the Black", to distinguish him from "Clitus the White" (see below).
  • Cleitus the White, a Macedonian officer who rose to prominence after Alexander's death.
  • Cleitus the illyrian, an Illyrian king.
  • Cleitus, one of the sons of Egypt (Αίγυπτος), murdered by the Danaede Clite (Κλείτη).
  • Cleitus, a Trojan, son of Pisenoros (Πεισήνορος), friend of Polydamantos, whom Teucer killed.
  • Cleitus, son of Mantius, who was abducted by Eos because of his beauty. After his death, he was placed among other immortals.
  • Cleitus, a lover of Pallene (Παλλήνη), daughter of Sithonos (Σίθωνος), king of Thrace. Cleitus fought with Dryas to win Pallene, which he succeeded only through the help of Dryas' charioteer. Sithonos found out the truth and wanted to cast his daughter into the fire, but eventually it was put out by a rainstorm Aphrodite had sent. In the end, Sithon forgave the two lovers and married them.

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