climbing fumitory

Adlumia fungosa

The Allegheny vine is a herbaceous, creeping, flowering plant, also known as Climbing Fumitory. It is closely related to the Fumitory genus, Fumaria, but is classed in its own genus, Adlumia, which is monotypic. Adlumia fungosa is also called A. cirrhosa, and Fumaria fungosa.

The Allegheny vine is a biennial climbing plant with very slender stems. The leaves are several times pinnately divided, prehensile, and feathery in texture. The white or pinkish flowers grow in large clusters and like grains of rice. The plant grows on wet and wooded slopes, and is native to North America, particularly the Allegheny Mountains area.

The genus name derives from John Adlum (1759-1836), a surveyor, associate judge, plantsman and agriculturist who ran an 80 ha (200 acre) experimental farm in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. The species name fungosa means 'spongy' in Latin.


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