Clerk of Works

Clerk of Works

Clerks of Works are the most highly qualified non-commissioned tradesmen in the Royal Engineers. The qualification can be held in three specialisations: Electrical, Mechanical and Construction.

Volunteers for the course are already experienced tradesmen. The courses last approximately two years. Upon successful completion of the course, an HND in the relevant discipline is awarded. Clerks of Works are immediately promoted to Staff Sergeant on completion of the training course. Six years after the course, Clerks of Works are automatically promoted to Warrant Officer Class 2. Warrant Officers Class 2 hold the appointment of Clerk of Works Quartermaster Sergeant and Warrant Officers Class 1 hold the appointment of Clerk of Works Sergeant Major.

Military Clerks of Works do not normally carry out the same sort of roles as a traditional civilian Clerk of Works. A military Clerk of Works can design, carry out contract management, measure work using quantity surveying techniques, and act as a site safety supervisor, as well as acting in the traditional Clerk of Works role ensuring maintenance of standards on site.

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