Clearance Sale


Clearance Sale is a pricing game on the American television game show The Price Is Right. Debuting on the Season 27 premiere on September 22, 1998 (originally indended for September 21), it is played for three prizes, usually valued between $500 and $3,000. The game was created by producer Roger Dobkowitz.


The contestant is given three price tags, each with "sale" prices on them, to place on each of the prizes. To win the prizes, the contestant must place each tag on a prize whose actual retail price is higher than price on the tag. The contestant wins only if all three tags are placed correctly.

The price tags are always set such that the sale price for the most expensive prize is higher than the actual price of the second most expensive prize, whose sale price is higher than the actual price of the least expensive prize; thus, there is only one combination of price tags which result in a win.

Since the game is essentially won by ranking the prizes in order of price, the game is often seen as a carbon copy of Eazy az 1 2 3, which has the same goal.

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