Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep was an American television series that involved a team consisting of a host, an organizer, designer, and carpenter who would help homeowners clear one or two rooms of clutter in a two-day process.

Original episodes of Clean Sweep aired on TLC in 2003 through 2005. The program is still shown in daily reruns.

In each episode of Clean Sweep, the host met with the homeowners in the rooms to be cleaned. The production crew then moved the entire contents of the room outdoors. The host then assisted the homeowners with an initial half-hour sort of all the items into three areas: “keep”, “sell” and “toss”. The process was then repeated by the organizer, in a much more thorough manner. Meanwhile, the designer and carpenter renovated the rooms, usually painting the rooms and constructing storage units such as closets, entertainment units, or cabinets. On the second day, a garage sale was held to dispose of the items in the “sell” category. The homeowners (usually a husband and wife) competed to sell the most, with the loser having to give up a sentimental item from the “keep” category.

Once the rooms were renovated and the remaining items from the “keep” category moved back into the house, the homeowners were brought in to be surprised by the final results.

In January 2007, The Learning Channel began airing repeats of the show on weekdays in a 30-minute long format, instead of the original hour version of the show.


A list of the crew is as follows:Hosts

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