Meanings of asteroid names (9501-10000)

Asteroids not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
9501 Ywain 2071 T-2 Owain mab Urien/Sir Ywain, legendary king of Rheged and knight of the Round Table
9502 Gaimar 2075 T-2 Gaimar, obscure legendary knight of the Round Table, lover of Morgan le Fay (mentioned in the 13th-century Lancelot und Ginevra)
9503 Agrawain 2180 T-2 Agravaine, legendary knight of the Round Table
9504 Lionel 2224 T-2 Sir Lionel, legendary knight of the Round Table
9505 Lohengrin 4131 T-2 Lohengrin, character from Arthurian legend and star of the eponymous opera
9506 Telramund 5200 T-2 Brabantine Count Friedrich (Frederick) von Telramund, character from the opera Lohengrin
9507 Gottfried 5447 T-2 Herzog (Duke) Gottfried, character from the opera Lohengrin
9508 Titurel 3395 T-3 A Fisher King, legendary guardian of the Holy Grail, father of Amfortas and a character from the opera Parsifal
9509 Amfortas 3453 T-3 A Fisher King, legendary guardian of the Holy Grail, son of Titurel and a character from the opera Parsifal
9510 Gurnemanz 5022 T-3 Gurnemanz, character from Arthurian legend, and a character from the opera Parsifal
9511 Klingsor 5051 T-3 Klingsor, sorcerous character from Arthurian legend, and in the opera Parsifal
9512 Feijunlong 1966 CM Fei Junlong, Chinese astronaut
9514 Deineka Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Deineka, Russian Impressionist painter*
9515 Dubner Gloria Dubner, Argentinian astronomer
9516 Inasan INASAN, the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow (INstitut AStronomii (Rossiiskoi) Akademii Nauk)
9517 Niehaisheng Nie Haisheng, Chinese astronaut
9518 Robbynaish 1978 GA Robby Naish, American windsurfer*
9521 Martinhoffmann Martin Hoffman, German astronomer
9531 Jean-Luc 1981 QK Jean-Luc Nieto, French astronomer?*
9532 Abramenko Aleksandr Nikolaevich Abramenko, chief engineer at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
9533 Aleksejleonov Aleksei Leonov, Russian cosmonaut
9535 Plitchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich Plitchenko, Russian poet and writer*
9537 Nolan 1982 BM *
9539 Prishvin Mikhail Mikhajlovich Prishvin, Russian writer
9540 Mikhalkov Sergej Vladimirovich Mikhalkov, Russian writer and poet
9541 Magri 1983 CH Chris Magri, American astronomer*
9542 Eryan *
9543 Nitra Nitra, one of the oldest towns in Slovakia
9544 Scottbirney 1984 EL Scott Birney (Dion Scott Birney), American astronomer*
9545 Petrovedomosti 1984 MQ Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti, second-oldest Russian newspaper*
9548 Fortran 1985 CN Fortran, programming language*
9549 Akplatonov Aleksandr Konstantinovich Platonov, Russian mathematician, specialising in the applications of mathematics in celestial mechanics, solar system astronomy, spaceflight, medical and industrial robotics, and economics*
9550 Victorblanco Victor Manuel Blanco, Chilean astronomer*
9551 Kazi 1985 UJ Kazi, legendary Bohemian princess, daughter of Prince Krok and the wife of Bivoj
9553 Colas François Colas, French astronomer*
9554 Dumont 1985 XA *
9560 Anguita 1987 EQ Claudio Anguita (Claudio Anguita Cáceres), Chilean astronomer or Francisco Anguita (Francisco Anguita Virella), Spanish planetary geologist*
9561 van Eyck Jan van Eyck, Flemish painter*
9562 Memling 1987 RG Hans Memling, Flemish painter *
9563 Kitty *
9564 Jeffwynn *
9565 Tikhonov *
9566 Rykhlova Lidiya Vasil'evna Rykhlova, Russian astronomer*
9567 Surgut *
9569 Quintenmatsijs Quentin Matsys, Flemish painter
9573 Matsumotomas 1988 UC *
9574 Taku *
9576 van der Weyden Rogier van der Weyden, Flemish painter*
9577 Gropius Walter Gropius, German architect*
9578 Klyazma Klyazma river, whose source is north of Moscow, and which is connected by the Oka river with the Volga at Nizhny Novgorod
9580 Tarumi *
9584 Louchheim *
9587 Bonpland Aimé Bonpland, French explorer and botanist*
9588 Quesnay François Quesnay, French surgeon, physician and economist*
9589 Deridder Ghislain Deridder, Belgian astronomer*
9592 Clairaut Alexis Clairaut, French mathematician*
9599 Onotomoko *
9602 Oya *
9604 Bellevanzuylen 1991 YW Belle van Zuylen, pseudonym for Isabella Agneta Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken, 18th-century Dutch writer from the Enlightenment
9609 Ponomarevalya Valery Ponomarev, Russian-born jazz musician?*
9610 Vischer 1992 RQ Friedrich Theodor Vischer, German philosopher*
9611 Anouck Anouck Vrouwe, Dutch science journalist
9612 Belgorod Belgorod, Russia*
9614 Cuvier Georges Cuvier, French naturalist*
9615 Hemerijckx Frans Hemerijckx, Belgian physician, known for his work amongst lepers in the Belgian Congo and in India*
9617 Grahamchapman Graham Chapman, British member of Monty Python
9618 Johncleese John Cleese, British actor and member of Monty Python
9619 Terrygilliam Terry Gilliam, British film maker and member of Monty Python
9620 Ericidle Eric Idle, British member of Monty Python
9621 Michaelpalin Michael Palin, British member of Monty Python
9622 Terryjones Terry Jones, British member of Monty Python
9623 Karlsson Per Olow Karlsson, Swedish technician at Uppsala Observatory and Kvistabergs Observatorium
9626 Stanley *
9629 Servet Miguel Servet, Spanish theologian and physician*
9630 Castellion Sebastian Castellion, French theologian*
9631 Hubertreeves Hubert Reeves, Canadian astrophysicist and author
9632 Sudo *
9633 Cotur Peter Cotur, Belgian scientific journalist
9637 Perryrose *
9638 Fuchs Leonhard Fuchs, German botanist and physician
9639 Scherer Marc Scherer, Belgian scientist
9640 Lippens Carlos Lippens, Belgian scientist
9641 Demazière Martine De Mazière, Belgian scientist
9642 Takatahiro 1994 RU *
9645 Grünewald Matthias Grünewald (real name Mathis Gothart Niethart), German Renaissance painter*
9648 Gotouhideo Gotou Hideo, Japanese amateur astronomer
9651 Arii-SooHoo 1996 AJ *
9657 Učka Učka, a mountain in Croatia
9658 Imabari Imabari, Japanese city
9661 Hohmann Walter Hohmann, German civil engineer
9662 Frankhubbard 1996 GS *
9663 Zwin Zwin, natural reserve on the Belgian-Dutch coast
9664 Brueghel Pieter Brueghel, Flemish painter
9665 Inastronoviny 1996 LA Instantní Astronomické Noviny (IAN), Czech astronomical newspaper delivered in electronic format
9667 Amastrinc Amateur Astronomers, Inc., now at Union County College, Cranford, New Jersey, where it built the William Miller Sperry Observatory
9668 Tianyahaijiao 1997 LN *
9669 Symmetria *
9670 Magni *
9671 Hemera *
9672 Rosenbergerezek Kamila Rosenberger and Tomaš Rezek, friends of the discoverer (Tomaš worked for two years at Ondřejov Observatory); the asteroid was named on the occasion of Tomáš and Kamila's marriage on 19 June 1999
9673 Kunishimakoto *
9674 Slovenija Slovenia, former Yugoslav republic*
9676 Eijkman 2023 P-L Christiaan Eijkman, Dutch physician and pathologist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology in 1929 (with Hopkins)
9677 Gowlandhopkins 2532 P-L Frederick Gowland Hopkins, British biochemist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology in 1929 (with Eijkman)
9678 van der Meer 2584 P-L Simon van der Meer, Dutch physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1994
9679 Crutzen 2600 P-L Paul Crutzen, Dutch chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1995
9680 Molina 3557 P-L Mario J. Molina, Mexican physical chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1995*
9681 Sherwoodrowland 4069 P-L F. Sherwood Rowland, American chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1995*
9682 Gravesande 4073 P-L Willem Jacob 's Gravesande, Dutch scientist and lawyer
9683 Rambaldo 4099 P-L Alfred Emile Rambaldo, Dutch East Indies aviation pioneer and involved in atmospheric research
9684 Olieslagers 4113 P-L Jan Olieslagers, Belgian air ace of World War I*
9685 Korteweg 4247 P-L Diederik Korteweg, Dutch mathematician
9686 Keesom 4604 P-L Willem Hendrik Keesom, Dutch physicist
9687 Uhlenbeck 4614 P-L George Eugene Uhlenbeck, Dutch-born American physicist
9688 Goudsmit 4665 P-L Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, Dutch-born American physicist, member of the ALSOS Commission
9689 Freudenthal 4831 P-L Hans Freudenthal, Dutch mathematician
9690 Houtgast 6039 P-L Jacob Houtgast, Dutch astronomer
9691 Zwaan 6053 P-L Cornelis Zwaan, Dutch astronomer
9692 Kuperus 6354 P-L Max Kuperus, Dutch astronomer
9693 Bleeker 6547 P-L Johan Bleeker (J. A. M. Bleeker), Dutch astronomer, Director of the Netherlands Foundation for Space Research
9694 Lycomedes 6581 P-L Lycomedes of the Trojan War*
9695 Johnheise 6583 P-L John Heise, Dutch astronomer
9696 Jaffe 6628 P-L *
9697 Louwman 1295 T-1 Peter Louwman, Dutch amateur astronomer
9698 Idzerda 2205 T-1 Hanso Schotanus à Steringa Idzerda, Dutch radio pioneer
9699 Baumhauer 3036 T-1 Albert G von Baumhauer, Dutch aviation pioneer
9700 Paech 3058 T-1 Wolfgang Paech, German electronic engineer and amateur astronomer
9701 Mak 1157 T-2 Arie Mak, Dutch amateur astronomer, member of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society)
9702 Tomvandijk 2108 T-2 Thom van Dijk, Dutch amateur astronomer, member of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society) and former president of the Working Group on Metweors of that society
9703 Sussenbach 3146 T-2 John Sussenbach, Dutch amateur astronomer, member of the Working Group on Astrophotography of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society)
9704 Georgebeekman 5469 T-2 George Beekman, Dutch science writer and editor of the astronomy magazine Zenit
9705 Drummen 3137 T-3 Mat Drummen, Dutch Director of the 'De Koepel' Foundation (Stichting 'De Koepel') which supports amateur astronomy in the Netherlands
9706 Bouma 3176 T-3 Reinder J. Bouma, Dutch amateur astronomer, member of the Working Group on Meteors of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society)
9707 Petruskoning 3226 T-3 Piet Koning, Dutch educational staffmember of the Volkssterrenwacht Bussloo (Public Observatory of Bussloo), in the Netherlands
9708 Gouka 4140 T-3 Adriaan Gouka, Dutch co-founder of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society)
9709 Chrisnell 5192 T-3 Christiaan Nell, Dutch co-founder of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society)
9711 Želetava 1972 PA Želetava, Moravia, the Czech Republic*
9712 Nauplius Either the Nauplius who was the son of Poseidon and Amymone, or the Nauplius who was King of Euboea and father of Palamedes*
9713 Oceax *
9716 Severina 1975 UE *
9717 Lyudvasilia *
9718 Gerbefremov Gerbert Alexandrovich Efremov, Russian designer of space technology, creator of the Proton rocket and Almaz space station, member of the Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, and decorated with the Leonardo da Vinci Medal of the International Association of Peace Foundations
9719 Yakage *
9720 Ulfbirgitta Ulf and Birgitta Heyman, friends of the discoverer
9721 Doty 1980 GB *
9732 Juchnovski *
9733 Valtikhonov Valentin Fedorovich Tikhonov, Russian astrophysicist and member of the Russian Mission Control Center
9737 Dudarova *
9739 Powell *
9741 Solokhin *
9742 Worpswede *
9744 Nielsen 1988 JW *
9745 Shinkenwada 1988 VY Shinken Wada, Japanese NHK announcer
9746 Kazukoichikawa Kazuko Ichikawa, Japanese teddy-bear artist
9748 van Ostaijen Paul van Ostaijen, Belgian poet
9749 Van den Eijnde Peter Van den Eijnde, Belgian amateur astronomer*
9751 Kadota 1990 QM Kinichi Kadota, Japanese amateur astronomer*
9756 Ezaki Yusuke Ezaki, Japanese amateur astronomer*
9757 Felixdejager Felix de Jager, Dutch clavichordist?*
9758 Dainty John Christopher Dainty, British optical physicist
9761 Krautter Joachim Krautter, German astronomer*
9762 Hermannhesse Hermann Hesse, German writer
9764 Morgenstern Christian Morgenstern, German poet, writer and translator
9766 Bradbury Ray Bradbury, American science fiction author*
9767 Midsomer Norton Midsomer Norton, English town
9768 Stephenmaran Stephen Paul Maran, American astronomer, latterly of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
9769 Nautilus Nautilus, submarine in Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea*
9770 Discovery 1993 EE Space shuttle Discovery? *
9774 Annjudge 1993 NO *
9775 Joeferguson *
9777 Enterprise 1994 OB The Starship Enterprise, of Star Trek fame, or the Space Shuttle of the same name*
9778 Isabelallende Isabel Allende, Chilean writer*
9780 Bandersnatch 1994 SB Bandersnatch, from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky
9781 Jubjubbird Jubjub Bird, from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky
9782 Edo 1994 WM *
9783 Tensho-kan *
9784 Yotsubashi *
9785 Senjikan *
9786 Gakutensoku 1995 BB *
9793 Torvalds Linus Benedict Torvalds, Finnish developer of Linux*
9795 Deprez *
9797 Raes The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)*
9809 Jimdarwin *
9811 Cavadore 1998 ST Cyril Cavadore, French electronic engineer
9812 Danco *
9813 Rozgaj Slavko Rozgaj, Croat astronomer
9814 Ivobenko Baron Ivo Benko, Croat astronomer
9815 Mariakirch 2079 P-L Maria Margarethe Kirch 17th/18th century German astronomer?*
9816 von Matt 2643 P-L Baroness Elisabeth von Matt (Elisabeth Freiin von Matt), Austrian astronomer*
9817 Thersander 6540 P-L Thersander, an Epigoni and son of Polynices, who was killed by Telephus before the Trojan war began*
9818 Eurymachos 6591 P-L Eurymachos, one of the suitors of Penelope in the Odyssey*
9819 Sangerhausen 2172 T-1 *
9820 Hempel 3064 T-1 Rolf Hempel, German mathematician and amateur astronomer
9821 Gitakresáková 4033 T-1 Margita Kresáková (née Margita Vozárová), Slovak astronomer, wife of astronomer Ľubor Kresák; Comet Vozárová is also named after her
9822 Hajduková 4114 T-1 Mária Hajduková, Slovak astronomer
9823 Annantalová 4271 T-1 Anna Antalová, Slovak astronomer
9824 Marylea 3033 T-2 *
9825 Oetken 1214 T-3 Lore Oetken, German astronomer*
9826 Ehrenfreund 2114 T-3 Pascale Ehrenfreund, Dutch astrobiologist
9828 Antimachos 1973 SS Antimachos (numerous meanings)*
9829 Murillo *
9831 Simongreen 1979 QZ Simon F. Green, British astronomer
9833 Rilke Rainer Maria Rilke, Austrian poet
9834 Kirsanov Semen Isaakovich Kirsanov, Russian poet
9836 Aarseth 1985 TU Sverre Aarseth (Årseth), Norwegian astronomer*
9838 Falz-Fein Baron Eduard von Falz-Fein, member of an old German-Russian noble family, with a residence in Liechtenstein (the villa Askania Nova), supporter of Liechtenstein's participation in the Olympic movement, sponsor of the search for the Amber Room, and philanthropist who actively seeks the repatriation of Russian art treasures*
9839 Crabbegat *
9842 Funakoshi *
9844 Otani *
9845 Okamuraosamu *
9848 Yugra *
9851 Sakamoto *
9854 Karlheinz Karlheinz Müller, German amateur astronomer
9859 Van Lierde *
9860 Archaeopteryx Archaeopteryx, dinosaur/bird genus*
9861 Jahreiss Hartmut Jahreiss, German astronomer*
9863 Reichardt Johann Friedrich Reichardt, German composer
9865 Akiraohta *
9866 Kanaimitsuo *
9869 Yadoumaru *
9870 Maehata 1992 DA *
9871 Jeon *
9872 Solf Wilhelm Solf, German politician, Colonial Secretary and later Imperial Foreign Minister*
9878 Sostero 1994 FQ Giovanni Sostero, Italian aerospace engineer and amateur astronomer
9879 Mammuthus Mammoth, prehistoric mammal genus
9880 Stegosaurus Stegosaurus, dinosaur genus
9882 Stallman Richard Matthew Stallman, American hacker, founder of the free software movement*
9884 Příbram Příbram, Czech town, site of a meteorite fall
9885 Linux Linux, operating system*
9886 Aoyagi *
9891 Stephensmith Stephen Smith, American publisher of The Shallow Sky Bulletin from 1986 to 2000; the SSB contained cometary ephemerides
9897 Malerba *
9900 Llull Ramon Llull, Catalan philosopher?*
9902 Kirkpatrick 1997 NY *
9903 Leonhardt Gustav Leonhardt, Dutch clavecinist, organist and musicologist
9904 Mauratombelli Maura Tombelli, Italian astronomer
9905 Tiziano 4611 P-L Titian, Italian (Venetian) painter*
9906 Tintoretto 6523 P-L Tintoretto, Italian (Venetian) painter*
9907 Oileus 6541 P-L *
9908 Aue 2140 T-1 Hartmann von Aue, German poet*
9909 Eschenbach 4355 T-1 Wolfram von Eschenbach, German poet*
9910 Vogelweide 3181 T-2 Walther von der Vogelweide, German lyric poet*
9911 Quantz 4129 T-2 Johann Joachim Quantz, German flautist and composer*
9912 Donizetti 2078 T-3 Gaetano Donizetti, Italian composer*
9913 Humperdinck 4071 T-3 Engelbert Humperdinck, German composer*
9914 Obukhova *
9915 Potanin *
9916 Kibirev *
9919 Undset Sigrid Undset, Norwegian author and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature*
9922 Catcheller *
9927 Tyutchev Fedor Ivanovich Tyutchev, Russian poet
9929 McConnell *
9930 Billburrows 1984 CP *
9931 Herbhauptman 1985 HH Herbert A. Hauptman, mathematical chemist and Nobelist
9932 Kopylov Ivan Mikheevich Kopylov, Russian astronomer
9933 Alekseev *
9934 Caccioppoli 1985 UC Renato Caccioppoli, Italian mathematician*
9936 Al-Biruni Al-Biruni, 10th-11th-century Persian scientist (anthropologist, mathematician, and astronomer)
9937 Triceratops Triceratops, dinosaur genus
9938 Kretlow 1988 KA Michael Kretlow, German amateur astronomer*
9941 Iguanodon Iguanodon, dinosaur genus
9949 Brontosaurus Former name of Apatosaurus, dinosaur genus
9950 ESA 1990 VB European Space Agency
9951 Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus, dinosaur genus
9954 Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus, dinosaur genus
9956 Castellaz *
9957 Raffaellosanti Raphael, Italian (Urbinati) Renaissance artist
9960 Sekine Toshimori Sekine, Japanese mineralogist*
9962 Pfau Werner Pfau, German astronomer*
9963 Sandage 1992 AN Allan Sandage, American astronomer*
9964 Hideyonoguchi Hideyo Noguchi, Japanese bacteriologist
9965 GNU GNU, free software project*
9967 Awanoyumi *
9969 Braille 1992 KD Louis Braille, French cellist and organist, inventor of braille*
9971 Ishihara 1993 HS *
9972 Minoruoda 1993 KQ *
9973 Szpilman Wladyslaw Szpilman, Polish musician*
9974 Brody Adrien Brody, American actor who played Szpilman in the film The Pianist*
9975 Takimotokoso *
9983 Rickfienberg 1995 DA Rick Fienberg, American editor-in-chief of Sky and Telescope*
9984 Gregbryant 1996 HT Greg Bryant, Australian amateur astronomer
9985 Akiko 1996 JF Akiko Yamamoto, Japanese amateur astronomer
9986 Hirokun 1996 NX Hirokun, nickname for Hiroshi Fukazawa, fiancé of Mizuho Urata, daughter of the second discoverer
9987 Peano Giuseppe Peano, Italian mathematician
9988 Erictemplebell Eric Temple Bell, Scottish-American mathematician and author
9991 Anežka Anežka Moravcová, the discoverer's grandmother
9993 Kumamoto *
9994 Grotius 4028 P-L Hugo Grotius, Dutch jurist and statesman
9995 Alouette 4805 P-L Alouette 1, Canadian science satellite
9996 ANS 9070 P-L Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet, Dutch science satellite
9997 COBE 1217 T-1 Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE), science satellite
9998 ISO 1293 T-1 Infrared Space Observatory*
9999 Wiles 4196 T-2 Andrew Wiles, British mathematician
10000 Myriostos 1951 SY Greek word for ten-thousandth

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