Mogema is a registered trademark for a brand of Dutch company Sportsinline International BV, specialising in the design and production of inline- and ice speedskating products. Widely regarded in the industry as a world leader in specialised speedskating equipment, Mogema was the innovator of some of the sport's most successful technologies including Dual Box inline skating frames and NSX ice blades. In 2006, Mogema's lead engineer Diederik Hol left to start the new skating company CadoMotus , and the fate of Mogema has been unclear since then.

The 't Harde-based Mogema metalworking group in the Netherlands was the first to produce an inline speedskating frame in 1985, when two employees – both speedskaters – began using company technologies in their own time to produce a specialised speedskating frame. The frame they produced for themselves was so quickly in demand among their friends and fellow speedskaters that production expanded exponentially, with an agreement being made soon after for Mogema metalworking group to produce quantities of the frame for sale by the Stouwdamsport skate shop in nearby Oldebroek.

The Mogema-branded frames they produced from extruded aluminium alloy were sold around the globe as they became the must-have item for the world's elite inline speedskaters, who in 1992 opened the World Speed Rollerskating Championships to inline skates. The frame design underwent a number of evolutions and special-purpose issues that eventually became the Mogema Diamond series frame – for years the most-used inline speedskating frame in the world.

Dutch company Sportsinline International BV was founded by the Mogema group in 1999 to design and produce speedskating products under the Mogema name. The company approached Diederik Hol – a Dutch Design Engineer pivotal in the development of the modern clapskate – to design a whole new range of ice and inline speedskates that has evolved under Hol's direction into Mogema products.

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