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List of City Managers of Saginaw, Michigan

The city manager of the city of Saginaw is chosen by the city council for an indefinite term and serves at the pleasure of the city council. Saginaw's present city charter, which provides for a council-manager form of government, was adopted in 1935 and became effective January 6, 1936. When there is a vacancy in the office of city manager the council may appoint an administrative officer of the city to serve as city manager during the interim.

The city manager is the chief administrative officer and the head of the administrative branch of the city government. According to the intent of the city charter, the city manager carries out the policies set by the city council and makes recommendations to the city council for a course of action to meet the needs of governing the city. The city manager appoints, and may remove, all other administrative officers and employees of the city. The city charter requires that city council members may not give directions to any subordinate of the city manager and must deal with the administrative affairs of city government through the manager.

List of city managers of the city of Saginaw

Name Beginning of term End of term Notes
L. Perry Cookingham January 6, 1936 May 14, 1940 First city manager under 1936 city charter, resigned to become city manager of Kansas City, Missouri
Carl H. Peterson May 14, 1940 January 31, 1949 Previously served as city Manager of Muskegon, Michigan; resigned in 1949 to assume office of executive director of the Saginaw Housing Commission
Albert W. Tausend February 1, 1949 June 1, 1949 Interim city manager; previously served as mayor under 1913 city charter
Charles A. Miller June 1, 1949 1961 From Traverse City, Michigan
Edward H. Potthoff Jr. 1961 1978
Thomas D. Dalton 1978 1986
Michael A. Finney June 1986 April 1987 Interim city manager
Vernon J. Stoner April 1987 1991
J. Marvin Baldwin, Jr. 1991 1995
Joyce A. Parker 1995 1997
Reed D. Phillips 1998 May 15, 2002
William L. Bailey May 15, 2002 January 13, 2003 Interim city manager
Deborah Kimble January 13, 2003 August 10, 2004 Removed from office by city council
Cecil A. Collins, Jr. August 10, 2004 September 12, 2005 Interim city manager until December 20, 2004, removed from office by city council
Darnell Earley September 14, 2005 - Interim city manager until June 6, 2006

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