Timeline of entomology

Entomology, the scientific study of insects and closely-related terrestrial arthropods, has been impelled by the necessity of societies to protect themselves from insect-borne diseases, crop losses to insects, and insect-related discomfort, as well as by people's natural curiosity. This article traces the history of entomology.

Timelines of entomology

History of classification

Many different classifications were proposed by early entomologists. It is important to realise that whilst many early names survive they are at different levels in the phylogenetic hierarchy . For instance many families were first published as genera. An example is the genus Mymar proposed by Alexander Henry Haliday in 1829 is now the family Mymaridae.

History of Forensic Entomology

Please see the History of Forensic Entomology page for more information on this subject


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