Queens of the Circulating Library

Queens Of The Circulating Library is a 2000 album by the experimental British group Coil. It is unusual in the sense that it is perhaps the only release without participation from Peter Christopherson. On this album, Coil were: "Thighpaulsandra & John Balance with Dorothy Lewis as the queen of the circulating library. Thanks to Simon Norris." The lyrics were written by John Balance and spoken by Dorothy Lewis, Thighpaulsandra's mother. The album was initially released on the date of the Coil Presents Time Machines concert. The original packaging was clear, however a wider issue of the album used pink, c-shell CD cases.

No album art was included for this release.

The catalogue number for this release is ESKATON 20.

Track listing

  1. "Queens Of The Circulating Library" – 49:26


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