CION-FM is a French-language Canadian radio station located in Quebec City, Quebec.

Owned and operated by the Fondation Radio Galilée, it broadcasts on 91.3 MHz with an effective radiated power of 5,865 watts (class B) using an omnidirectional antenna.

The station has a religious (Christian) format since it went on the air on September 19, 1995, and identifies itself as "Radio Galilée".


CION-FM operates two rebroadcasters :

  • CION-FM-1 in Beauceville, broadcasting on 102.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 400 watts (class a) using an omnidirectional antenna;
  • CION-FM-2 in Saguenay, broadcasting on 106.7 MHz using a directional antenna with an average effective radiated power of 11,040 watts and a peak effective radiated power of 46,240 watts (class C).

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