cinder cone

cinder cone

or ash cone

Deposit around a volcanic vent, formed by rock fragments or cinders that accumulate and gradually build a conical hill with a bowl-shaped crater at the top. Cinder cones develop from explosive eruptions of lavas and are often found along the flanks of shield (gently sloping) volcanoes. Lava flows may break out of the cone, or they may flow from under the cone through tunnels. Cinder cones are common in nearly all volcanic areas. Although they are composed of loose or only moderately consolidated cinder, many are surprisingly long-lasting, because rain falling on them sinks into the highly permeable cinders instead of running off down their slopes and eroding them.

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According to the USGS GNIS, Cinder Cone is the proper name of 1 cinder cone in Canada and 7 cinder cones in the United States:

In Canada: Cinder Cone (British Columbia)

In the United States:

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