churn molding


Churn or churning may refer to:

  • Butter churn, a device used for churning butter.
  • River Churn, a river running through Gloucestershire.
  • Churn rate, the average number of customers that leave a subscription service during a year.
  • Churn (album), a 1993 music album by New Zealand rock band Shihad.
  • Churn (Seven Mary Three album), a 1994 rock album by Seven Mary Three.
  • Churning (stock trade), the excessive buying and selling of stocks by a trader such as a broker to generate large commission fees.
  • Religious Churn, the movement of religious members from one denomination or religion to another approximately every 3-5 years; this "churn" displays the inner turmoil in individual faith, and demonstrates that for all statistical growth in any religion, there is an equal and opposite statistical loss in another.

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