Modern Churchpeople's Union

The Modern Churchpeople's Union is an Anglican society which promotes liberal theology. It was founded as The Modern Churchmen's Union in 1898. At the end of the 19th century the Modernist movement defended new scientific findings – especially evolution – and biblical scholarship, against the rising tide of fundamentalism.

Within a few years it had established an annual conference, and, in 1914, a theological journal (Modern Believing).

Its most famous conference was 'Christ and the Creeds' in 1921. It caused a great deal of controversy, not because the MCU took a particular line but because a range of challenging views were expressed. The Church of England set up a Commission to look into the matter. The Commission duly reported in 1938 and accepted that a range of different views was permissible.

In 2008, the annual conference of the Modern Churchpeople's Union was held in Hertfordshire and was chaired by the Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan.

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