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Church may refer to:

In Christianity:

  • Church (building), building used for religious services
  • Christian Church, worldwide body of Christians
    • Invisible church, the "invisible" body of the elect who are known only to God
    • Roman Catholic Church, Christian church that adheres to the teaching of the Papacy
    • Orthodox Church, Christian Churches rejecting the supremacy of the Pope, separated from the Roman Catholic Church since the 11th century East-West Schism
    • Protestant Church, form of Christian faith and church organization originating from the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation
    • National church, various Christian Churches limited in scope to a nation state
  • Church body, Christian religious organization made up of congregations, members, and (often) clergy
  • Church service, time for communal worship, often on Sundays
  • Christian clergy, formal Christian religious leadership

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