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Another Gospel (book)

Another Gospel: Cults, Alternative Religions, and the New Age Movement is a non-fiction book on cults, destructive cults, new religious movements, and the New Age movement, written by Ruth A. Tucker. The book was published by Zondervan, in 2004.

Main points

The book covers a wide range of groups and individuals, including the Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Unification Church, Seventh-day Adventists, Worldwide Church of God, Mormonism, Children of God, Hare Krishnas, the Church of Christ, Scientist, the Unity Church, Silva Mind Control, Erhard Seminars Training, and the Church of Scientology. In addition, less active groups are also analyzed, including Rosicrucianism and Swedenborgianism.

Another Gospel focuses on groups active since the 1960's, and explains both how these groups seem to meet people's needs, and how others can reach out to cult members. Tucker relates key historical controversies within each group or movement as they strive for religious respectability. The groups' practices and beliefs are compared and contrasted with those of orthodox Christianity.

Cited by other works

Other works that cite Another Gospel include Nash's Worldviews in Conflict, the University of Sydney's Studies in Religion, Ankerberg's Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge, Phillips Making Sense of Your World, Schwarz's Living Faith, Mikul's Bizarrism, Lightner's The God of the Bible and Other Gods, Hexham's Encountering New Religious Movements, Bloesch's The Holy Spirit, Tucker's Walking Away from Faith, Jones' Capturing the Pagan Mind, Yamamoto's Unification Church, Rhodes' The Challenge of the Cults and New Religions, and Gomes' Unmasking the Cults. The book is also part of the curriculum in a course at Regent College, and is used as a reference at the University of Pennsylvania.


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