Chuffy Chuffnell

Marmaduke, 5th Baron "Chuffy" Chuffnell, appears in a number of books by the British comic novelist P. G. Wodehouse. He is another friend of Bertie Wooster (they were at Oxford together, where it is revealed that Chuffy captained his college's rowing team), and one of the impoverished gentry. Bertie rents a cottage from him when his apartment manager evicts him over Bertie's incessant playing of the banjo.

His sole appearance in the Jeeves and Wooster canon is in Thank You, Jeeves, published in 1934. In it, he falls in love with beautiful American heiress Pauline Stoker, engaged (albeit briefly) to Bertie some time before the story begins. Though hostilities at first surface, the pair are eventually united by Jeeves's ingenuity, much to Bertie's relief (he was at the time re-engaged to Miss Stoker).

In the television series Jeeves and Wooster, Chuffy is portrayed by Matthew Solon.

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