[kuh-les-tuh-rohl, -rawl]

The human body is fluid and highly controversial. Post-modern science bears a saturated barrage of information about seemingly simple to detect red flags on everyday health. A common topic of discussion and ongoing research lies in cholesterol (fatty lipid), an ongoing market for the next pharmaceutical innovation. Here is a breakdown of the 2 types of cholesterol:

LDL "low density lipoprotein" (BAD) cholesterol - this type of cholesterol gravitates and accumulates on fatty tissue walls, subsequently blocking arteries in the slowest of ways.

HDL "high density lipoprotein" (GOOD) cholesterol - this type of cholesterol acts as a street-sweeper, clearing off excess cholesterol from heart arteries and flushing them down to the liver for proper filtration.

Associated consequences with high LDL and low HDL create a build up of triglycerides, which are the third type of fat in the human body. Deduction may ensue statisticians to associate abnormal levels of each of the indicated variables with heart disease and diabetes. Essentially, cholesterol is much like taxes: we pay them through the liver because they are insoluble in water. Once the liver excretes cholesterol into bile the gall bladder must take charge with constant risk of developing unwanted gall stones. So far there is no evidence of any sure-fire precautionary measure to avoid this chance. Nor should there be. Again, our bodies and fluid and highly controversial simply because, like the free market, we can't control it. Cholesterol detection is a prudent practice for casual, painless, doctor-patient visits. There are many ways to "control" cholesterol depending on an abstract combination of variables including age, diet, genetics, active/non-active lifestyle and other outliers still to be discovered as science evolves. Doctors tend to prescribe medication if the circumstance reveals evidence of abnormal levels regardless of a patients "perceived" awareness of their physical and mental state.

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