"Choke" may refer to:

*Choke (horse), a condition in horses in which the oesophagus is blocked

* Choke (sports), a failure to win a competition after being expected to do so

  • Chokehold, a grappling hold performed on the neck that aims to render the opponent unconscious
  • Choking game, a schoolyard game of unconsciousness or near-unconsciousness (which is potentially lethal)
  • Choke (slang), a term used in Hawaiian slang meaning many (for instance, "The waves are choke good, bra!", meaning "the waves are very good").
  • A choke in a shotgun is a restriction or narrowing of the barrel, intended to tighten the shot pattern
  • Spreading and choking, a technique in printing for adjusting colors in the production of color separations
  • Dampening musical technique
  • Short form of choke valve, as used in automotive engines

Engineering and Informatics:

  • Choked flow, a restriction of a gas or fluid flow under pressure where the gas speed reaches sonic flow at the narrowest part
    • Choke valve, a valve used in the carburettor of internal combustion engines to enrich the fuel-air mixture during startup
  • Choke point, a constriction in a conduit or transport system, e.g. a narrowing of a road
  • Choke (electronics), an inductor used to block signals of particular frequencies


  • Choke pear, a variety of pear and a variety of gag
  • Chokecherry, a suckering shrub or small tree, a species of bird cherry
  • In informal speech, choke can mean artichoke. More specifically, choke may be a "cute" name for the fuzzy/spiky stuff just above the artichoke heart.

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