One of several varieties of shrub or small tree (Prunus virginiana) of the rose family, native to North America. Though it is aptly named for the astringent, acidic taste of its reddish cherries, its fruit may be made into jelly and preserves. The stones and wilted foliage are poisonous. The trees often form dense thickets on moist soils. They are frequently attacked and defoliated by eastern tent caterpillars. Foul-scented white flowers are produced in hanging spikes, and the slender brown twigs also have an unpleasant odour and a bitter taste.

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"Choke" may refer to:

*Choke (horse), a condition in horses in which the oesophagus is blocked

* Choke (sports), a failure to win a competition after being expected to do so

  • Chokehold, a grappling hold performed on the neck that aims to render the opponent unconscious
  • Choking game, a schoolyard game of unconsciousness or near-unconsciousness (which is potentially lethal)
  • Choke (slang), a term used in Hawaiian slang meaning many (for instance, "The waves are choke good, bra!", meaning "the waves are very good").
  • A choke in a shotgun is a restriction or narrowing of the barrel, intended to tighten the shot pattern
  • Spreading and choking, a technique in printing for adjusting colors in the production of color separations
  • Dampening musical technique
  • Short form of choke valve, as used in automotive engines

Engineering and Informatics:

  • Choked flow, a restriction of a gas or fluid flow under pressure where the gas speed reaches sonic flow at the narrowest part
    • Choke valve, a valve used in the carburettor of internal combustion engines to enrich the fuel-air mixture during startup
  • Choke point, a constriction in a conduit or transport system, e.g. a narrowing of a road
  • Choke (electronics), an inductor used to block signals of particular frequencies


  • Choke pear, a variety of pear and a variety of gag
  • Chokecherry, a suckering shrub or small tree, a species of bird cherry
  • In informal speech, choke can mean artichoke. More specifically, choke may be a "cute" name for the fuzzy/spiky stuff just above the artichoke heart.

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