chime hoop


Chime may be:

A musical instrument or tone:

  • Chime (bell instrument), an array of large bells, typically housed in a tower and played from a keyboard. (An instrument of this kind with 23 bells or more is known as a carillon.)
  • the plural "chimes" can refer to:
    • Tubular bells or chimes, a percussion instrument struck with hammers
    • Wind chimes or Aeolian chimes, suspended bells sounded when blown together by the wind
  • Warning chime, a sound used in machinery or computers to alert or remind users of a dangerous condition
  • Chime (Macintosh), the sound a Macintosh computer makes on startup

Chime may also refer to:

  • MDL Chime, a plugin used by web browsers to display the 3D structure of molecules
  • Chime (tank), the flat plate at the bottom of a welded vertical oil storage tank (in cases where the bottom of the tank slopes either to or away from the centre, the zero level is measured at the chime, according to American Petroleum Institute standard API 650.)
  • Chime hoops, the iron hoops nearest the end of a wooden barrel (Bilge hoops are the hoops nearest the bulge, or centre.)
  • The Chimes, an 1844 novella by Charles Dickens
  • Chime (song), a 1989 song by Orbital (band)

CHIME may refer to:

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