George Brown Goode

George Brown Goode (13 February, 1851 - 6 September, 1896), was an ichthyologist, although most of his time was spent as a museum administrator and he was very interested in the history of science, especially the history of the development of science in America. Goode graduated from Wesleyan University and studied at Harvard University (). In 1872, he started working with Spencer Baird, soon becoming his very trusted assistant. While working with Baird, Goode led research sponsored by the US Fish Commission, oversaw several Smithsonian displays and exhibitions, and served as the assistant secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in charge of the United States National Museum.


The genus Goodea of splitfins was named in his honour by David Starr Jordan in 1880; this in turn gave his name to the family Goodeidae.

Species named after him include:

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