childrens panel


Panel can refer to:

  • A committee or jury used to decide some matter. In a legal context it may refer to a subset of a full set of appeal court judges, in contrast to an En banc hearing, which involves them all.
    In accident investigations, a full investigation may involve sub-panels with expertise in differing areas, in the aircraft context perhaps covering avionics, structures, engines and so on.
  • Control panel (engineering), a flat area containing controls and indicators. Commonly found in aircraft but may be associated with the operation of any machinery
  • Panel painting, in art, either one element of a multi-element piece of art, such as a triptych, a piece of sequential art such as a graphic novel or comic strip, or a wooden panel used to paint a picture on
  • breaker panel, a flat area containing electrical circuit breakers
  • panel data, a longitudinal statistical study in which one group of individuals are interviewed at intervals over a given period of time
  • Panel (comics), a single image in a comic book, comic strip or cartoon; also, a comic strip containing one such image
  • A flat or sculptured area that is part of a larger structure such as a piece of furniture or one element of a multi-panel screen.
  • Panel (computer software), a widget or a control panel
  • Panel Switch, a type of electromechanical telephone switching system developed by the Bell System in the 1920s
  • Structural insulated panel, a building system for construction
  • The Panel, an Australian talk show
  • The Panel (Ireland), an Irish talk show
  • A committee in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong specialises on specific areas, known elsewhere as select committee or standing committee

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