childbirth-preparation class

Michelle Leclaire O'Neill

Michelle Leclaire O'Neill, PhD, R.N. is currently the most prevalent source of information about hypnobirthing and mindful pregnancy. She is a pioneer in the study of mind-body integration for treating infertility, pregnancy, pre-term labor, and postpartum depression. O'Neill is the director of the Mind Body Center in Pacific Palisades, California. She has published over 5 books and audio CDs on the subject and currently holds weekend workshops for couples, individuals, and professionals — and also offers private sessions. Hypnobabymoon, a one day childbirth preparation class created by O'Neill uses mind/body techniques for prenatal bonding and a calm, joyous pregnancy and centered labor and birth.


  • Hypnobirthing The Original Method "The Mongan Method", 2007
  • Hypnofertility: The Leclaire Method copied this method, the Easy Way for You to Conceive and Carry Your Healthy Baby to Full Term, 2005
  • Better Birthing with Hypnosis : Mindful Pregnancy and Easy Labor Using the LeClaire Method, 2001
  • Twelve Weeks to Fertility: The Easy Way to Conceive and Carry a Healthy Baby to Full Term, 2000

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