Chifeng, city (1994 est. pop. 392,000), Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, China. It is an agricultural distribution center, trading in wool, furs, hides, and grain. Coal and gold mines are nearby. It was called Ulan Hada by the Mongols, but in about 1778 it was colonized by the Chinese.

Chifeng (Ulaɣanqada; lit.: “red peak” or "red cliff", respectively) is a prefecture-level city in southeastern Inner Mongolia. It borders Xilin Gol to the north and west, Tongliao to the northeast, and Chaoyang prefecture of Liaoning and Chengde prefecture of Hebei to the south. The city has an area of 90,275 km² and a population of 4.48 million (2004). Chifeng is the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese.

Administrative divisions

Chifeng has three districts, two counties and seven banners:



  • Ningcheng County (宁城县, Níngchéng Xiàn), 4,305 km², 600,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Tianyi (天义镇);
  • Linxi County (林西县, Línxī Xiàn), 3,933 km², 240,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Linxi (林西镇).


  • Ar Horqin Banner (阿鲁科尔沁旗, Ālǔkē'ěrqìn Qí), 14,555 km², 300,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Tianshan (天山镇);
  • Bairin Left Banner (巴林左旗, Bālín Zuǒ Qí), 6,713 km², 350,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Lindong (林东镇);
  • Bairin Right Banner (巴林右旗, Bālín Yòu Qí), 9,837 km², 180,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Daban (大板镇);
  • Hexigten Banner (克什克腾旗, Kèshíkèténg Qí), 20,673 km², 250,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Jingpeng (经棚镇);
  • Ongniud Banner (翁牛特旗, Wēngniútè Qí), 11,882 km², 470,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Wudan (乌丹镇);
  • Harqin Banner (喀喇沁旗, Kālāqìn Qí), 3,071 km², 370,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Jinshan (锦山镇);
  • Aohan Banner (敖汉旗, Áohàn Qi), 8,294 km², 590,000 inhabitants, administrative center: Xinhui (新惠镇).


In 2004, Chifeng had 4,435,737 inhabitants (49.14 per km²).
Ethnic group population share
Han 3,441,581 77.58%
Mongols 830,357 18.72%
Manchu 128,656 2.9%
Hui 31,122 0.7%
Koreans 1,614 0.04%
Zhuang 402 0.01%
Daur 386 0.01%
Other 1,619 0.04%


  • Jinri Nei Menggu: Chifeng 今日内蒙古: 赤峰 (Inner Mongolia Today: Chifeng), 内蒙古人民出版社 Nei Menggu renmin chubanshe, 呼和浩特 Hohhot 1997, ISBN 7204035445, 9+121 pages

Famous natives

Bao Xishun, recognized as world's tallest man from 2005 until 2007, is from Chifeng, as is his wife.

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