chicken paprika

Heinz Tomato Frito

Heinz Tomato Frito is a pureed tomato sauce with a hint of onion and garlic, that can be used as a base ingredient or enjoyed simply for its own flavour, which is distinct from that of most tomato sauces because the tomatoes have been fried. It can be useful in many dishes including chilli, bolognese or lentil dishes, while also making - with a dash of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce - an excellent sauce for cooked pasta, particularly Tesco Four Cheese Tortellini.

Heinz Tomato Frito is an ingredient valued by many cooks, not least Delia Smith, who extols its virtues in books and on her website, and uses it in recipes, including Paprika Chicken () and Spanish Pork Stew ().

Heinz Tomato Frito can be difficult to obtain but is stocked in some major supermarkets, including Morrisons.

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