or garbanzo

Annual legume (Cicer arietinum) widely grown for its nutritious seeds. The bushy 2-ft (60-cm) plants bear pinnate leaves and small white or reddish flowers. The yellow-brown peas are borne one or two to a pod. Chickpeas are an important food plant in India, Africa, and Central and South America. They are the main ingredient of hummus, a sauce originating in the Middle East. In southern Europe, chickpeas are a common ingredient in soups, salads, and stews. A kind of meal or flour is also made from chickpeas.

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The Chick-fil-A Bowl, formerly called the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, and before that simply (and perhaps more familiarly) called the Peach Bowl, is an annual college football bowl game played in Atlanta, Georgia since December 1968. The first three Peach Bowls were played at Grant Field on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. Between 1971 and 1991, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium hosted the game. Since then, the Georgia Dome has played host. Seven of the first ten meetings (all but the 1968, 1971 and 1974 games) pitted an Atlantic Coast Conference team against an at-large opponent. Since 1993, the game has matched a Southeastern Conference team against one from the ACC. In 2005, the bowl reached a new landmark in prestige with its first-ever matchup of top 10-rated teams.

The game was originally created as a fund-raiser by the Lions Clubs of Georgia but in 1986, after years of lackluster attendance and revenue, the game was taken over by the Chamber of Commerce. Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A became the title sponsor of the event with the 1998 game. Beginning with the December 2006 game, Chick-fil-A assumed complete naming rights to the game in a five year, $22 million, sponsorship deal, ending almost forty years of the Peach Bowl name. A new logo was unveiled April 6, 2006. The funds from the deal will be used to increase payouts for the participating teams in hopes of further enhancing the bowl's stature. In response, the ACC has given the committee the first pick of its teams after the BCS beginning in 2006. The bowl currently has the fifth overall selection from the SEC (including the BCS). The 2007 game was a sellout, the eleventh consecutive year as such, making the Chick-fil-A Bowl the best-attended non-BCS bowl for the last decade and marking the 3rd longest bowl sellout streak behind the Rose and Fiesta Bowls.

The 2007 game was played on December 31, 2007 featuring the second Chick-fil-A/Peach Bowl matchup between #15 Clemson and #21 Auburn. Clemson lost to Auburn 23—20 in the first ever Chick-fil-A or Peach Bowl to require overtime play. With a 5.09 share (4.92 million households), the 2007 game was the highest-rated ESPN-broadcast bowl game of the 2007-2008 season as well as the highest rated in the game's history. The rating was also higher than two New Year's Day bowls, the Cotton and the Gator.

Bowl Facts

About the Game
• Average margin of victory is 8.7 points in the last 20 years.
• Holds record for largest attendance in the history of the Georgia Dome: 75,406 in 2006 (Georgia vs. Virginia Tech).
• 11 straight sellouts (through 2007 Bowl).
• Highest-attended non-BCS bowl game.
• $78 million in cumulative payout ranks 8th nationally.
• Two of the top six bowl game broadcast ratings in ESPN history.
• Average rating is 5.0 over the last three years (through 2006 Bowl).
• From 1969 until 1980, the Atlanta Marathon was held the weekend of the game, and until 1975 that event was sponsored by the game.

About Charitable Contributions
• Ranks first in giving among all bowl games—$3 million in charitable and scholarship contributions in the last six years.
• Pledged $180,000 annually to the National Football Foundation’s Play It Smart program.
• Endows a $100,000 scholarship at each participating university annually.
• Is one of three bowls to receive an NCAA grant for the Youth Football Program.
• Holds annual Chick-fil-A Bowl Alma Mater— a golf event featuring NCAA head coaches and celebrity alumni competing for $350,000 in scholarship money.


Date Played Winning Team Losing Team
December 30, 1968 LSU 31 Florida State 27
December 30, 1969 West Virginia 14 South Carolina 3
December 30, 1970 Arizona State 48 North Carolina 26
December 30, 1971 Mississippi 41 Georgia Tech 18
December 29, 1972 North Carolina State 49 West Virginia 13
December 28, 1973 Georgia 17 Maryland 16
December 28, 1974 Texas Tech 6 Vanderbilt 6
December 31, 1975 West Virginia 13 North Carolina State 10
December 31, 1976 Kentucky 21 North Carolina 0
December 31, 1977 North Carolina State 24 Iowa State 14
December 25, 1978 Purdue 41 Georgia Tech 21
December 31, 1979 Baylor 24 Clemson 18
January 2, 1981 Miami (Florida) 20 Virginia Tech 10 notes
December 31, 1981 West Virginia 26''' Florida 6 notes
December 31, 1982 Iowa 28 Tennessee 22
December 30, 1983 Florida State 28 North Carolina 3
December 31, 1984 Virginia 27 Purdue 24
December 31, 1985 Army 31 Illinois 29
December 31, 1986 Virginia Tech 25 North Carolina State 24 notes
January 2, 1988 Tennessee 27 Indiana 22
December 31, 1988 North Carolina State 28 Iowa 23
December 30, 1989 Syracuse 19 Georgia 18
December 29, 1990 Auburn 27 Indiana 23
January 1, 1992 East Carolina 37 North Carolina State 34
January 2, 1993 North Carolina 21 Mississippi State 17
December 31, 1993 Clemson 14 Kentucky 13
January 1, 1995 North Carolina State 28 Mississippi State 24
December 30, 1995 Virginia 34 Georgia 27
December 28, 1996 LSU 10 Clemson 7
January 2, 1998 Auburn 21 Clemson 17
December 31, 1998 Georgia 35 Virginia 33 notes
December 30, 1999 Mississippi State 17 Clemson 7 notes
December 29, 2000 LSU 28 Georgia Tech 14 notes
December 31, 2001 North Carolina 16 Auburn 10 notes
December 31, 2002 Maryland 30 Tennessee 3 notes
January 2, 2004 Clemson 27 Tennessee 14 notes
December 31, 2004 Miami (Florida) 27 Florida 10 notes
December 30, 2005 LSU 40 Miami (Florida) 3 notes
December 30, 2006 Georgia 31 Virginia Tech 24 notes
December 31, 2007 Auburn 23 Clemson 20 (OT) notes


Date played MVP(s) Team Position
December 30, 1968 Mike Hillman LSU QB
Buddy Millican LSU DE
December 30, 1969 Ed Williams West Virginia FB
Carl Crennel West Virginia MG
December 30, 1970 Monroe Eley Arizona State HB
Junior Ah You Arizona State DE
December 30, 1971 Norris Weese Mississippi QB
Crowell Armstrong Mississippi LB
December 29, 1972 Dave Buckey North Carolina State QB
George Bell North Carolina State DT
December 28, 1973 Louis Carter Maryland TB
Sylvester Boler Georgia LB
December 28, 1974 Larry Isaac Texas Tech TB
Dennis Harrison Vanderbilt DB
December 31, 1975 Dan Kendra West Virginia QB
Ray Marshall West Virginia LB
December 31, 1976 Rod Stewart Kentucky TB
Mike Martin Kentucky LB
December 31, 1977 Johnny Evans North Carolina State QB
Richard Carter North Carolina State DB
December 25, 1978 Mark Herrmann Purdue QB
Calvin Clark Purdue DT
December 31, 1979 Mike Brannan Baylor QB
Andrew Melontree Baylor DE
January 2, 1981 Jim Kelly Miami (Fla.) QB
Jim Burt Miami (Fla.) MG
December 31, 1981 Mickey Walczak West Virginia RB
Don Stempie West Virginia DB
December 31, 1982 Chuck Long Iowa QB
Clay Uhlenhake Iowa DT
December 28, 1983 Eric Thomas Florida State QB
Alphonso Carreker Florida State DT
December 31, 1984 Howard Petty Virginia TB
Ray Daly Virginia QB
December 31, 1985 Rob Healy Army QB
Peel Chronister Army S
December 31, 1986 Erik Kramer North Carolina State QB
Derrick Taylor North Carolina State CB
January 2, 1988 Reggie Cobb Tennessee TB
Van Waiters Indiana LB
December 31, 1988 Shane Montgomery North Carolina State QB
Michael Brooks North Carolina State CB
December 30, 1989 Michael Owens Syracuse RB
Terry Wooden Syracuse LB
Rodney Hampton Georgia RB
Morris Lewis Georgia LB
December 29, 1990 Stan White Auburn QB
Darrel Crawford Auburn LB
Vaughn Dunbar Indiana RB
Mike Dumas Indiana FS
January 1, 1992 Jeff Blake East Carolina QB
Robert Jones East Carolina LB
Terry Jordan North Carolina State QB
Billy Ray Haynes North Carolina State DB
January 2, 1993 Natrone Means North Carolina RB
Bracey Walker North Carolina DB
Greg Plump Mississippi State QB
Marc Woodard Mississippi State LB
December 31, 1993 Emory Smith Clemson RB
Brentson Buckner Clemson DE
Pookie Jones Kentucky QB
Zane Beehn Kentucky LB
January 1, 1995 Tremayne Stephens North Carolina State RB
Damien Covington North Carolina State ILB
Carl Reeves North Carolina State DT
December 30, 1995 Tiki Barber Virginia RB
Skeet Jones Virginia LB
Hines Ward Georgia QB
Whit Marshall Georgia LB
December 28, 1996 Herb Tyler LSU QB
Anthony McFarland LSU DL
Raymond Priester Clemson RB
Trevor Pryce Clemson LB
January 2, 1998 Dameuyne Craig Auburn QB
Takeo Spikes Auburn LB
Raymond Priester Clemson RB
Anthony Simmons Clemson LB
December 31, 1998 Olandis Gary Georgia RB
Champ Bailey Georgia DB
Aaron Brooks Virginia QB
Wally Rainer Virginia LB
December 30, 1999 Wayne Madkin Mississippi State QB
Keith Adams Clemson LB
December 29, 2000 Rohan Davey LSU QB
Bradie James LSU LB
December 31, 2001 Ronald Curry North Carolina QB
Ryan Sims North Carolina DL
December 31, 2002 Scott McBrien Maryland QB
E.J. Henderson Maryland LB
January 2, 2004 Chad Jasmin Clemson RB
Leroy Hill Clemson LB
December 31, 2004 Roscoe Parrish Miami (Fla.) WR
Devin Hester Miami (Fla.) CB
December 30, 2005 Matt Flynn LSU QB
Jim Morris Miami (Fla.) DT
December 30, 2006 Matthew Stafford Georgia QB
Tony Taylor Georgia LB
December 31, 2007 C.J. Spiller Clemson RB
Pat Sims Auburn DT

Most appearances

Rank Team Appearances Record
T1 North Carolina State 7 4-3
T1 Clemson 7 2-5
T3 Georgia 5 3-2
T3 North Carolina 5 2-3
T5 Louisiana State 4 4-0
T5 Auburn 4 3-1
T5 West Virginia 4 3-1
T5 Tennessee 4 1-3
T9 Miami 3 2-1
T9 Virginia 3 2-1
T9 Mississippi State 3 1-2
T9 Virginia Tech 3 1-2
T9 Georgia Tech 3 0-3
T14 Florida State 2 1-1
T14 Iowa 2 1-1
T14 Kentucky 2 1-1
T14 Maryland 2 1-1
T14 Purdue 2 1-1
T14 Florida 2 0-2
T14 Indiana 2 0-2

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