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Genetic Zoo

Genetic Zoo is the registered trademark* name of a series of animal paintings by British painter Lee Woods.

The first Genetic Zoo series exhibition (entitled Unpickled) took place in the artists' Phoenix Studio in the Barbican area of Plymouth, England in 1996.

The series was created by Woods in response to the prevailing climate in which Mad Cow Disease, Genetic modification and the cloning of animals were all hotly debated topical issues.

Perhaps as a result of its topicality, Woods work received the attention of assorted media around the world.


  • ‘Genetic Zoo’ is a trademark registered in the UK under international intellectual copyright legislation. Trademark number: 2426315.Examples of Newspaper Articles
  • Mad Cows by Englishman, Associated Press, Sept.1997.(article adopted by newspapers around the world).
  • Unpickled Animal Art, Evening Herald, April.1997.
  • Mad Cow Artist Signed Up, Western Morning News, Oct.1998.
  • Plenty to Chew over in Lee's Pastoral Scenes, Evening Herald, Plymouth, Sept.1997.

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