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Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist is a comedy film that parodies Hong Kong action cinema. Written, directed by and starring Steve Oedekerk, it uses and manipulates footage from the 1977 Hong Kong martial arts movie Tiger and Crane Fist (a.k.a. Savage Killers), along with new footage shot by Oedekerk, to create an original, unrelated plot.


The movie opens in a small 18th-Century Chinese village, with a family in its hut. There is an unseen baby in the crib. The mother, concerned, speaks to her husband about the baby, and whether they should inform the priest. Obviously disturbed, the father says that nobody should know. Master Pain, a martial artist working for the enigmatic Evil Council, arrives and kills everyone in the family except the baby. Master Pain orders his henchman to open the child's mouth. The Henchman exclaims, "The Chosen One!" Master Pain produces a knife to kill the baby, but the newborn blocks Master Pain from killing him, and then proceeds to kick the Master several times in the face. The baby then engages Master Pain and his henchmen in a martial-arts fight, quickly gaining the upper hand. Master Pain unsuccessfully swipes at the baby with his sword, slicing off the baby's diaper. The baby then urinates on Master Pain's face and runs off, initially down the Master's sword. Master Pain kills his henchmen with iron claws as they attempt to flee.

Master Pain blocks the door of the hut shut and torches it, using a modern lighter. However, the Chosen One, the only survivor, escapes and is raised by various rodents whom he learns to party with.

The Chosen One eventually grows to adulthood and, after defeating gangs sent to kill him, finds his way to a small unnamed town and seeks special training from Master Tang, a sickly sifu with "special needs." One of the students at the dojo, Wimp Lo, who annoys everyone by wearing squeaky shoes, is jealous of the Chosen One and wants to kill him. Master Tang relates that Wimp Lo was purposefully trained poorly as a joke.

The Chosen One meets Ling, Master Tang's nurse, who seems very shy, until she flashes her chest (breasts covered in a colored bra) at the Chosen One. He begins to train on a Bowflex, and exhibits massive strength with such feats as exploding a one-cubic-foot stack of hardwood with his index finger, and performing push-ups with one finger and then solely by blowing onto the ground.

The Chosen One learns that Master Pain is in town, exhibiting his skill in the martial arts and super-hard body before adjourning into the meeting room, with the Chosen One in disguise. It was there that Master Pain suddenly changes his name to Betty for no reason and does what he can to appeal to the men of the town and therefore get them on his side to hunt down the chosen one.

The Chosen One decides to see if he has the ability to withstand a massive beating of thick wooden poles, as Betty did in the previous scene. Chosen is soon beaten unconscious and awakes just in time to witness a one-breasted woman fly out from the night clouds and introduce herself as Whoa. He notices a special necklace she wears identical to the one his mother would entertain him with as an infant. Whoa challenges the Chosen one to a fight. At one point, they engage in a tongue battle, complete with typical 1970's martial arts sounds. Ironically, "Whoa" is portrayed by Jennifer Tung. Whoa sees Tonguey and realizes he truly is the Chosen One. She warns the Chosen One to avoid the "Meadow," where Betty's "protector" is located.

He then sets out to fight Betty but not before first battling Betty's protector, Moon Yoo, a cow well trained in the martial arts. Moon Yoo gains the upper hoof on the Chosen One with a headbutt and then a piledriver. Moon Yoo also shoots milk from her udder at the Chosen One, who eventually regains the upper hand, ducking the milk shots in the same manner that Neo dodged bullets in The Matrix. The Chosen One defeats Moon Yoo by "going low" and milking the cow until it shrivels and falls to the ground.

The Chosen One advances on to the top of a waterfall to fight Betty but is intercepted by Ling's Father, who Betty rapidly dispatches with the Iron Claw. Unfortunately the Chosen One is not ready and gets beaten up and washed over the waterfall with Ling's Father. Ling's Father dies from the wounds that never closed up properly (due to Master Tang's constant fondling and prodding of the wound).

Chosen then trains to defeat Betty, but stalls and throws a temper tantrum. His hands hurt from the training, so Ling first puts lemon juice, then salt on his hands. She then breaks a thermometer onto his hands, and asks him to rub the mercury into her hair. She finally pours gasoline on Chosen's hands and lights them on fire. Chosen is then able to rip practice triangles from wooden dummies. He and Betty finally have the final fight and the Chosen One gains the upper hand. However, Betty is saved by the "Evil Council" (French aliens) and gets empowered, using the power to paralyze Chosen One's arms.

The Chosen One sees a vision of Moo Shoo Fassa, who tells him to "open your mouth." Tonguey flies upward and attacks the Alien pyramid spacecraft, sending them fleeing. Unparalyzed, and enraged by seeing Betty dangle Chosen's booties over his head, Chosen leaps into the air and snatches the triangles from Betty's chest, with Betty fighting back with a hard blow to the chest. Betty dies, blood squirting from his chest where the triangles were. The Chosen One had made a deal with a squirrel, who took the blow in exchange for two pounds of nuts. The Chosen One rises and pours the nuts into the hand-shaped inprint on the squirrel, who then exits the area.


Original actors

Voiced-over characters

In many scenes Jimmy Wang Yu, the lead actor in Tiger and Crane Fist, was replaced by Oedekerk via post-production chroma key techniques. Oedekerk also redubbed all of the original cast's voices himself, inventing a different silly voice for every character (Ling, for example, is almost always saying "whee-whee" along with her own lines - also, in a scene where she walks off crying, she cries "wheeee-whee-whee-whee..."). The new footage shot for Kung Pow! was also overdubbed by Oedekerk. It is rated PG-13 for "Comic violence, crude and sexual humor" by the MPAA.

All character voices by Steve Oedekerk with the exception of "Whoa" who was voiced by her portrayer, Jennifer Tung. Dillon Gibson did the voice of Dog.

DVD special features

  • Deleted scenes
  • Alternative audio dub scenes
  • Directors commentary
  • Alternate audio tracks, including the "What they are really saying" track, which includes the original Chinese and the speech Oedekerk uses to parody the bad dubbing in old kung-fu movies. Another notable audio choice is Book on Tape where all the lines are read by a calm British narrator.
  • 3 Fox 11 commercial promos
  • Making of featurette
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Tonguey featurette
  • A Panicked Thumb (a small scene, approx. 4 seconds, taken from Thumb Wars in which a 'thumb' runs out and yells "We've been hit!")
  • An Easter egg: Footage of The Chosen One flicking Moo Nieu's udder
  • German subtitles


At the end of the movie, a mock trailer was put in to tease viewers. However, the "trailer" is mostly made up of parts from deleted scenes.

Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury is set to be the sequel . The IMDb says it is due for release sometime in 2010 but it has been "in development" since 2006, with little to no production details since what was originally given in 2003. In 2002, Oederkerk stated he is currently looking through hundreds of Hong Kong films for dynamic characters and scenes to help create this sequel. He stated that he is considering piecing together scenes and clips from several Hong Kong films.

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