chequered flag

Chequered Flag (video game)

Chequered Flag is a racing video game developed by Steve Kelly for Psion Software Ltd and published by Sinclair Research Ltd in 1983. It was the first driving game published for the ZX Spectrum and one of the first computer car simulators.


Chequered Flag allows a player to select a racing track and one of three cars; two with manual gears and one automatic.

The game is viewed in first-person perspective, from the driver's seat. With no other cars to race, the aim is to complete laps in the best time possible, avoiding road hazards such as oil and broken glass. The player must also economise fuel and avoid the engine overheating.

Critical reaction

On its initial release, Your Spectrum praised the driver's view graphics. In 1985, CRASH magazine described the graphics as adequate and the gameplay as good, but felt it was more serious than fun due to the lack of other racers. In their 1990 retrospective of driving games, Your Sinclair also lamented the lack of other racers but praised the realism of the simulation, considering the age of the game.


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