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MIT Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department at MIT is one of the top university faculties in the world. Research interests cover the entire field of chemistry, ranging from organic chemistry and biological chemistry to physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, materials science and nanoscience.

The department can boast several Nobel Laureates among its faculty and alumni. They are:


MIT's Chemistry department has been around since the Institute opened its doors in 1865. It started with two professors, Charles W. Eliot and Francis H. Storer, and a class of 15 students.

In 1866, the department moved to its new quarters in the basement of the Rogers Building in Boston. Cyrus Warren joined the faculty, and became MIT's first professor of organic chemistry.

In 1907, MIT awarded its first Ph.D. to three students in the field of physical chemistry.


Current members

  • Robert A. Alberty
  • Moungi G. Bawendi
  • Klaus Biemann
  • Stephen L. Buchwald
  • Jianshu Cao
  • Sylvia Ceyer
  • Arup K. Chakraborty
  • Christopher C. Cummins, Ph.D. 1993
  • Rick L. Danheiser
  • Alan Davison
  • John M. Deutch, S.B. 1961, Ph.D. 1966
  • Catherine L. Drennan
  • John M. Essigmann, S.M. 1972, Ph.D. 1976
  • Robert W. Field
  • Gregory C. Fu, S.B. 1985
  • Carl W. Garland
  • Frederick D. Greene
  • Robert G. Griffin
  • Barbara Imperiali, Ph.D. 1983
  • Timothy F. Jamison
  • H. Gobind Khorana
  • Alexander M. Klibanov
  • Stuart S. Licht, Ph.D. 1998
  • Stephen J. Lippard, Ph.D. 1965
  • Mohammad Movassaghi
  • Keith A. Nelson
  • Daniel G. Nocera
  • Sarah E. O'Connor, Ph.D. 2001
  • Irwin Oppenheim
  • Jonas C. Peters, Ph.D. 1998
  • Richard R. Schrock
  • Dietmar Seyferth
  • Robert J. Silbey
  • Jeffrey I. Steinfeld, S.B. 1962
  • JoAnne Stubbe
  • Timothy M. Swager
  • Steven R. Tannenbaum, S.B. 1958, Ph.D. 1962
  • Alice Y. Ting
  • Andrei Tokmakoff
  • Troy Van Voorhis
  • John S. Waugh
  • Gerald N. Wogan

Former members

Notable alumni

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