chelsea tractor

Tractor (disambiguation)

Tractor may refer to:

Agricultural tractors

Other land vehicles


Non-vehicle usage

  • Tractor (band)
  • Tractor (card game)
  • Tractor feed paper, Continuous stationery for Line printers
  • The Tractors, an American country music band
  • The part of a computer printer that pulls paper into the device or pushes it along. This usually takes the form of a pair of toothed gears that mesh with holes punched near the edges of the paper, or a belt or wheel with rubber or other high-friction surface that makes contact with the paper.
  • In downhole oil-well data logging, a device which is used for conveying advanced instruments into well holes for measurement and data logging purposes. The device is driven through cased or open well holes by wheels, chains, or tractor belts, and usually consists of a shell housing, an engine (electric or fluid-driven), a driving mechanism/transmission, measuring equipment, and interface with the surface.
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