chef's salad

Chef's table

A chef's table is a table located in the kitchen of a restaurant, reserved for VIPs and special guests. Patrons are served a tasting menu prepared and served by the head chef. Restaurants usually require a minimum party (e.g., six guests) and charge a flat fee (e.g., $75 per plate). Chef's tables are provided only by top-rated restaurants, and are sometimes available only by specific invitation.

An expanded definition of the chef's table, is the same table, set in the kitchen, used as a training tool for apprentices and other staff in training. They are scheduled on a weekly basis to provide a meal for the Executive Chef, and his kitchen managers. The menu would typically consist of a salad and an entree, or an entree and a dessert. This venue is used as a training tool, to expand the employee's skills and experience and training. At the end of the meal, the cook is included in a critique of the meal. Suggestions for improvement, praise, and advice is metered out in a professional manner, to improve the cook's performance.

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