Cheetos are a brand of cheese curl made by Frito-Lay; they are a crunchy, cheese-flavored cornmeal snack . Cheetos was developed by Fritos creator Charles Elmer Doolin along with a potato product called "Fritatos".

Cheetos Mascot

The Cheetos mascot is an anthropomorphic cartoon cheetah named Chester Cheetah. He appears on television in commercials for Cheetos with the catch-phrase "Dangerously Cheesy!" He has also starred in several video games, including Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool.

International variants


  • A similar product called Cheezies. is sold in Canada.


  • Strawberry Cheetos



Cheetos has a very noteworthy share of the market in the chip industry.

In popular culture

  • In the movie Toy Story 2, Al, before going to bed in his apartment, snacks on a bowl of Cheetos before falling asleep and spilling them. The Cheetos on the floor serve as an effective "mine field" for Bullseye, who noisily steps on one making a crunching noise.
  • In the sitcom Cheers, Norm Peterson states that to negate the problem of Cheetos cheese powder making his fingers orange, he uses "a big spoon".
  • In the movie Office Space, Peter, the main protagonist, continues to pursue his lifelong dream of "doing nothing". He shows up at the office just to play Tetris and eats Cheetos off his desk.
  • In the movie Hackers, a package of Cheetos is sitting on top of a dresser inside of Dade Murphy's bedroom.
  • On Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld refers to Cheetos during his stand-up comedy set at the start of episode 5, season 6, when he is describing the La-Z-Boy recliner. "...the half-conscious dead beat with no job, home all day, eatin' cheetos and watchin' TV recliner."
  • On South Park, Cartman is excessively fond of a snack called Cheesy Poofs, which are very similar to Cheetos or cheese puffs.
  • According to an article in GQ magazine, Saddam Hussein was very fond of Puffy Cheetos.
  • A character who looks exactly like Chester appears in issue #72 of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book.
  • In the movie Herbie Fully Loaded, the race car driven by Trip Murphy (Matt Dillon) is sponsored by Cheetos.
  • Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres constantly announces her love for Cheetos.
  • Britney Spears has been photographed several times with a bag of Cheetos in her hands, and has often proclaimed her fondness for the snack.
  • In the computer game F.E.A.R., a character named Norton Mapes eats bags of snack food called Cheezee Pooz which are similar to Cheetos and South Park's Cheesy Poofs. A bag of Cheezee Pooz can also be seen in Condemned: Criminal Origins. Both F.E.A.R. and Condemned: Criminal Origins were developed by Monolith Productions. Cheetos have also appeared in the game Neverwinter Nights.
  • In the computer game Fallout 2 there is a kind of food with name Cheezy Poofs. And it's the favorite meal of the very clever big rat named "Brain", the master of cult under Gecko.
  • Two Chester Cheetah videogames, Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest and Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool, were released for home videogame consoles in the 1990s. They appeared on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.
  • In the television series The Magic School Bus, there is a parody of Cheetos called Cheesie Weesies.
  • The webcomic Penny Arcade employs a minor character called "Cheeto.
  • In the Dinosaur Comics webcomic, Cheetos are referred to as "hobosnacks." In the comments easter egg, Ryan North claims, "If you've eaten Cheetos and you're not a hobo, WELL THEN, you're doing it wrong."
  • In the webcomic Overcompensating, the character Weedmaster P overdoses on Cheetos clearly labeled "Dangerously Cheesy" and meets with Chester Cheetah in a near-death experience.
  • In the movie The Shining, Jack Nicholson eats Cheetos in his kitchen early on during the movie.
  • Chester Cheetah makes an appearance on Family Guy during the episode "Chick Cancer," where he snorts a line of crunched up Cheetos while listening to Tom Sawyer by Rush, proclaiming that Neil Peart is the best drummer in history, and giving his famous "it ain't easy being cheesy" line.
  • In Season Two Episode 5 Map 1213 of Prison Break escaped convict Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell steals a bag of Cheetos and noisily eats them.
  • In the webcomic 8-Bit Theater, Bikke the Pirate feeds his crew on nothing but Cheetos in an attempt to ward off scurvy, citing that they are cheaper than actual oranges, yet still orange in color. This eventually leads to the downfall of his crew.
  • On the Adult Swim animated series, Robot Chicken, Chester Cheetah is seen present in the episode Sausage Fest as a defendant in a sexual assault case being sued by Timer, the Cheese Guy, who is apparently the victim of Chester Cheetah, claiming that Chester Cheetah "hankered for a hunk of his ass."
  • In the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Ron White refers to Cheetos in part of his stand up comedy routine:

"I was sitting on a bean bag chair, naked, eating Cheetos the other day... when Robert Tilton came on TV. He's a televangelist out of Dallas. He looked at me and said, "Are you lonely?" Yeah. "Have you spent half your life in bars pursuing sins of the flesh?" (slightly worried) This guy's good! "Are you sitting in a bean bag chair naked eating Cheetos?"... (in a high-pitched voice) Yes, sir?? "Do you have the urge to get up and send me a thousand dollars?" (with a sense of relief) Ha, ha close! I thought he was talking about me there for a second; apparently I'm not the only cat on the block that digs Cheetos."

  • Comedian Patton Oswalt refers to Cheetos in his one-hour special, No Reason To Complain:

"Hey man boobs, Cheetos! C'mon, fatty, crack a bag."

  • In The Host by Stephenie Meyer, many of the characters like Cheetos and the main character, Wanda considers it the best snack ever made.

See also

  • Cheezies, a Canadian style of cheese snack produced by Hawkins.
  • Cheez Doodles, a similar product made by Wise Foods, Inc.
  • Wotsits, one-time rival to Cheetos on the UK market, now owned by Pepsico/Frito-Lay
  • Utz Cheese Balls
  • Wild Oats Cheese Curls. Made of Organic Corn and contains no MSG.
  • Nik Naks, a UK brand similar to Crunchy Cheetos
  • Twisties, an Australian cheese snack brand.
  • Tastees , a UK Brand similar to Cheetos


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