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Dairylea (cheese)

Kraft Foods Dairylea Triangles and Dairylea Lunchables are a popular processed cheese product, available in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and targeting school children.

Dairylea cheese is usually in the form of a thick, spreadable soft cheese style paste. Famous for the slogan "Kids will do anything for the taste of Dairylea" and a series of adverts on UK TV showing children trading toys and other items of value for Dairylea Triangles, while at school.

Much like The Laughing Cow, Dairylea is packaged in a cardboard 'wheel' and opening this reveals the foil-wrapped soft cheese product in triangles. Kraft launched the lunchables product in 1998 under the Dairylea branding. Kraft also markets single slices of processed cheese, "cheese dippers" and wax-sealed hard cheese portions (much like Mini Babybel) under this brand.

Dairylea also now comes in the both its original form and a 'Dairylea Light' product marketed as 7% fat. Kraft imply that the product is credited with getting children more interested in cheese.

Recently, despite advertising Dairylea lunchables as "full of good stuff", it turned out that the product contained high amounts of salt and saturated fats and was reformulated . The new formulation reduces salt content by 30%.

English spoof rock band the Shirehorses had a hit record titled 'why is it always Dairylea'. It was their biggest hit


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