Red Rooster

Red Rooster is one of Australia's largest fast food restaurant chains. Red Rooster specializes in selling roasted chicken and other related products.


The Kailis family opened the first Red Rooster store in the Perth suburb of Kelmscott, Western Australia in 1972. Myer purchased the business in July 1981. In 1992, Red Rooster bought the Big Rooster chain to expand into the eastern states. These stores were re-branded as Red Rooster. In May 2002, after several years of being owned by Coles Group (previously known as Coles Myer), Red Rooster was purchased by Western Australian company Australian Fast Foods Pty Limited, who owned the competing Chicken Treat fast food chain. Currently there are over 360 Red Rooster stores in Australia represented in all states and territories of Australia except Tasmania.

In April 2007, Red Rooster and Chicken Treat were sold by Australian Fast Foods for $180 million AUD to a consortium formed by the management and the venture capital arm of Westpac known as Quadrant Capital


Until the late 1990s the stores were only open from lunchtime until about 9pm. Since then they have extended trading hours and started to produce a breakfast menu in response to McDonald's breakfasts. They have also begun selling low-fat and lower-salt products in response to consumer demand for 'healthy' meals.

Red Rooster chicken is generally served as a full portion of chicken, either 1/2 or 1/4 chicken, rather than individual pieces, though it is avaiable. Chips are usually served with the 1/4 and 1/2 chickens as a Classic meal, Red Rooster serves chips in a special seasoning.

In 2007, Red Rooster introduced a new product line of fish and chips and fish related products, the most recent of which being squid and prawns.

In addition to its chicken and seafood Red Rooster also serves grilled chicken (previously Portuguese style cuts of chicken, currently it serves garlic pepper splits (chicken skewers) and smoky chilli tenders (plain chicken strips in a sauce) which are grilled and then either eaten on their own, with chips, salad, in a baguette or a wrap) as well as wraps (either grilled chicken with salad mix (lettuce and carrot), onions, and tomato with a sour cream glaze, this is also available in a baguette, a Flayva which is mild spicy chicken strips with summer sauce, cheese, lettuce, and tomato) baguette (a BLT (bacon lettuce tomato, with grilled chicken) or a strip sub, now renamed to the rippa sub, which has mild spicy strips, with the choice of classic summer sauce, tandoori indian style mayonaise or spicy salsa sauce and lettuce) or burgers, these can be a fillet burger which has a fillet, lettuce, tomato and cheese with mayonnaise, a real bacon burger which omits the mayonnaise and tomato for barbecue sauce and 'steak style' bacon or a cheese burger which has a special smaller patty, tomato sauce and cheese.

New Stores

Red Rooster has over 400stores nation wide and is hopeing to increase that number to 600 by the year 2011. In New South Wales the newest store to open up is located at 484 Sunnyholt Road, Parklea 2768. It is the first store in New South Wales to feature the newest store design and layout named the “Blade” design or also known as the “Red007” design. The Parklea Store is set to be open on Saturday the 4th of October, 2008. The Store design consists of a Drive Thru, a modern themed Dining area, an Alfresco area (a covered outside Dining area), sufficient off street parking and regular and disabled public toilets.

The Parklea store is also one of the only few Red Rooster Stores in New South Wales to proudly sell the famous Red Rooster Breakfast. The Breakfast menu consists of Bacon and Egg Rolls, the “Kaiser” breakfast burger, hash browns and a variety of Coffee. The Breakfast menu is run from 7:00am till 11:00am daily. Also from 7:00am all of red roosters famous burgers, wraps, subs, chips and beverages are available. Chicken packs and all other sides aren’t available till 9:00am. Coffee is also available all day.

Marketing and Promotions

Over the years Red Rooster has utilised various slogans and campaigns but they mainly focus on the name "Red Rooster" or at least the word "Red". A popular jingle of the 80's and early 90's used the words "Are you Red Red, Ready Red Rooster".

Presently they are using the "it's gotta be...(insert word)" type slogan and campaign.

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