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Jim Fenner

James Graham "Jim" Fenner was a fictional character in the British television series Bad Girls. The character was played by Jack Ellis.

Fenner was the Principal Prison Officer, working on 'G wing' at HMP Larkhall Women's Prison, and was a regular major character during seven out of eight series of Bad Girls. The character was seen as a malevolent presence through much of the series, working the system and manipulating both prisoners and staff alike.

Throughout the seven series he appeared in, Jim Fenner made himself increasingly unpopular with prisoners and staff. He regularly abused the authority his position gave him and was seen committing several crimes including sexual assault, rape, GBH and even murder. In series three, he was stabbed with a broken bottle by Shell Dockley, who was seeking retribution for Fenner's past misdeeds against her.

Career at Larkhall

Fenner is initially introduced to the series as a Principal Officer, ranking him above both Senior and Prison Officers. During Neil Grayling's reign as Larkhall's Governing Governor, Fenner is promoted to Governor of G Wing, thanks in no small part to a great deal of brown-nosing by Fenner as well as Grayling's sexual attraction to him.

During series four, Fenner finds himself the subject of (unwanted) sexual advances from Governor Grayling which lead to Grayling climbing into bed with Fenner.

After Fenner succeeds in having Neil sacked, he takes over as Acting Governing Governor of Larkhall, putting him in charge of the entire prison. True to form, Fenner abuses the power granted to him in his new position and uses it to further his own ends, rather than to assist with the rehabilitation of inmates.

Murder of Yvonne Atkins

His main nemesis within Larkhall was Yvonne Atkins. Fenner continually attempted to use his authority to punish Yvonne for various 'rule-breaking', although she was often not a fault. In turn, Yvonne would use the respect she had earned amongst the inmates to try and outsmart Fenner. Eventually, it became clear that Yvonne and Fenner couldn't co-exist within Larkhall for much longer and Yvonne arranged for a hitman to dispatch Fenner. Unfortunately for her this was unsuccessful (due to a tip off from officer Colin Hedges) and ultimately, Yvonne and Fenner's long 'contest' of one-upmanship culminated in Fenner locking Yvonne in a disused hanging cell on a redundant wing at the prison. During the first episode of series six, her decomposed body was discovered by Prison Officer Selena Geeson.


Fenner was murdered at the end of series seven in the same hanging cell that Yvonne met her end in. He was beginning to feel the effects of a couple of previous assassination attempts from inmates and staff.

There is also evidence to suggest that Tina O'Kane spiked a cheese straw during Neil's farewell party. However, none of these methods succeed in their purpose and Fenner manages to clamber to the doorway of the hanging cell, where he is met by Julie Johnston, who plunges an ice dagger into his neck. He died in front of the hanging cell where he murdered Yvonne.

He made two more appearances after his death in series seven. In episode 12 of series seven, he appeared as a ghost, walking the landings of G Wing in the final scene. In the Christmas Special he appears as a ghost, haunting Julie Johnston. It isn't clarified whether Fenner's appearance is the result of Julie not taking her prescribed medication for a bi-polar disorder.


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