cheese it (the cops)!

Cheese It, the Cat!

Cheese It, the Cat! is a 1957 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series, directed by Robert McKimson.


The title comes from the old expression, best known as "Cheese it, the cops!" when spoken by anxious criminals. "Cheese it", as in "beat it", or "make a run for it", can be considered a substitute for a startled expression such as "Jesus!"


  • On CBS and FOX's The Merrie Melodies Show, there were two scenes cut:

*The part where Ralph and Morton slam the door on the cat pursuing them and the cat's body gets flattened.
*The part where Morton feeds the cat's tail into the sink drain and turns on the garbage disposal which sucks the cat inside and shaves most of his fur off (and the subsequent scene of the cat sadly picking his fur from the drain).

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