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Sleight Out of Hand (CSI: NY episode)

"Sleight Out of Hand" is the 18th episode in the 3rd season of CSI: NY. It guest stars Criss Angel. He stars as master illusionist Luke Blade. The episode starts off with Blade doing an illusion on a New York City street. The illusion is cutting himself in half with no covers or boxes as part 1 of a 3 trick 3 night show he calls,"Death Becomes Me". Angel accomplished this in real life using the same machine featured in the show. The show cuts to a theater where a girl is being sawed in half. There is an automatic knowledge of what is going on-this is no illusion. The show jumps forward to the time when the CSI team is examining the scene. Mac is able to realize that the girl was alive when she was sawed in half. Danny arrives and checks out the hallway where he finds a footprint. Mac follows footprints of blood to the stage and sees a drop of blood on the floor. Danny comes back and asks if he found anything. Mac with a confused expression on his face says, "The killer took a bow".

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