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Check-Out is a pricing game on the American television game show The Price Is Right. Debuting on January 28, 1982, it is played for a four-digit prize, usually valued between $2,000 and $10,000, and uses grocery items.


One by one, the contestant is asked to give a price for five grocery items. After all five prices are guessed, the contestant's guesses are totaled.

The actual prices for the five grocery items are then announced, one at a time. If the contestant's total is within $2 of the actual total above or below, the contestant wins the prize.

This is one of very few pricing games in which the contestant can go over the actual total and still win.


Check-Out was created by Kathy Greco and Barbara Hunter, both production assistants.

The original winning range was 50 cents. This changed to $1 in April 3, 1996, before being raised to its current spread in October 2003.

For many years, the game's set included a "calculator" that the models used to enter the contestant's guesses. The calculator was removed in 2001, largely because the buttons no longer actually had a functional purpose, a fact which had inadvertently been made obvious on-the-air during one of its last appearances.

The game's actual price display, where it was originally a vane display, is now an eggcrate display. The display for the contestant's guesses and total remains a vane display. The game was removed from rotation from September 29, 1995 through April 3, 1996 in order to fix the display.

On three occasions, including the recent occurrence on July 4, 2008, the contestant has arrived at an exactly correct total, though never with perfect bids on each item.

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