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Cheapness and Beauty

Cheapness and Beauty is a 1995 album by Boy George. The album opens with a cover version of Iggy Pop's "Funtime", which reached #45 in the UK Singles Chart. Also featured is the ballad "Il Adore" (later featured on the soundtrack album Taboo) which peaked at #50, and "Same Thing in Reverse", which reached #56 in the UK and #28 on the Billboard dance charts in the US.

The album includes many fans' favourite tracks like "If I Could Fly", "God Don't Hold A Grudge" and "Unfinished Business". It was released at the same time as George's autobiography, named "Take It Like A Man".

The album received some good reviews but the sales were not as high as during his earlier Culture Club fame. Some sources have accused Virgin Records for not promoting the record.

This was George's last original studio album on Virgin.

Track listing

  1. "Funtime" - 3:05 (Iggy Pop/David Bowie)
  2. "Satan's Butterfly Ball" - 3:03 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  3. "Sad" - 3:52 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  4. "God Don't Hold a Grudge" - 2:49 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  5. "Genocide Peroxide" - 3:44 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  6. "If I Could Fly" - 4:04 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  7. "Same Thing in Reverse" - 3:33 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  8. "Cheapness and Beauty" - 3:59 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  9. "Evil Is So Civilised" - 3:32 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  10. "Your Love Is What I Am" - 4:12 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  11. "Blindman" - 4:42 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  12. "Unfinished Business" - 3:33 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)
  13. "Il Adore" - 6:12 (George O'Dowd/John Themis)



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