Chatter can refer to:

  • chatter in the speech sense - to talk noisily or conversationally. See also chattering classes.
  • Related phenomena such as:
    • In machining, the vibration of a cutting tool or workpiece, resulting in a poor finish, and sometimes tool or workpiece breakage.
    • Noise generated in pipes due to vibration, which is generally caused by loose piping or other loose parts.
    • In electronics, the unwanted bouncing of switch or relay contacts - see switch.
    • In signal intelligence, encrypted electronic signals to be subjected to Traffic analysis.
    • In the blogosphere, a daily compilation of odd news and musings - this, that, the other thing.
  • Project CHATTER (1947-1953), a U.S. Navy truth serum project
  • Chatter mark, an indication of glacial erosion

As a name, Chatter can refer to

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