chat, name applied to several Old World perching birds, such as the wheatear (see thrush), the whinchat, and the stonechat, and to a common American warbler.

Chat may refer to:


Other uses

  • Chat (ppp), an automated conversational script with a modem.
  • CHAT, an abbreviation of: Choosing Healthplans All Together, the name given to a simulation exercise in which players decide which benefit types they would like to include in their health insurance package, and what level of service ) they prioritize.
  • ChAT, choline acetyltransferase; an enzyme that synthesises acetylcholine
  • Chat, a kind of bird
  • Chat, the waste rocks produced in mining
  • Chat, a British weekly women's magazine.
  • The French word for Cat
  • Le Chat, a Belgian comic strip
  • Khat, a narcotic plant
  • Chatgroups Groups Community
  • Chats, the way British soldiers referred to delousing in WW1
  • Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, a Jewish secondary school in Toronto
  • Chat, slang for something bad or used when something bad happens
  • Chat, an alternative spelling of the Indian and Pakistani snack food chaat
  • CHAT, an abbreviation of: Checklist for Autisim in Toddlers, which is a medical test
  • CHAT, "chatting" in the WWI context meant searching for lice infestations while resting in trenches.
  • Chat, Kyrgyzstan, a village in Kyrgyzstan
  • CHAT, an acronym for: Codes for the Human Analysis of Transcripts, a format used by the CHILDES project
  • Chat, an anglicized version of the culinary dish chaat.

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