chat, name applied to several Old World perching birds, such as the wheatear (see thrush), the whinchat, and the stonechat, and to a common American warbler.

Yellow-breasted chat (Icteria virens)

Any of several species of songbird named for their harsh, chattering notes. True chats (chat-thrushes) make up a major division of the thrush family (Turdidae). Australian chats (usually placed in the family Maluridae), which inhabit scrubby open lands, are about 5 in. (13 cm) long. The yellow-breasted chat (Icteria virens, family Parulidae) of North America is the largest wood warbler (7.5 in., or 19 cm, long). Greenish gray above and bright yellow below, with white “spectacles,” it hides in thickets but may perch in the open to utter its mewing, churring, and whistling sounds. Seealso redstart.

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Other uses

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