Sulpicia (Flaccus)

Sulpicia was the daughter of Gaius Sulpicius Paterculus and wife of Quintus Fulvius Flaccus.

According to Valerius Maximus (8.15.12; cf. Pliny, HN 7.120, Solinus 1.126) Sulpicia was picked out of a possible ten prospects, that had previously been a pool of one hundred chosen by Roman women, as worthy of the statue of Venus Verticordia ("Changer of Hearts") to be dedicated to them for being the chastest woman in Rome. The method used by a committee of ten Romans was outlined in the Sibylline Books. The statue itself predates the temple by over a hundred years, so must have been originally dedicated someplace else - perhaps at the Temple of Venus Erucina on the Capitoline or the Temple of Venus Obsequens.

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